Indian stamp calories

Indian stamps are often used as a condiment to flavor various foods and can make them tastier and more sour. How can the calories from consuming Indian stamps be burned?

The Indian stamp is cold and dry according to ancient Iranian medicine.

  • Benefits of this food:

1) Eating Indian stamps causes fever to go down.
2) Helps digest food.
3) Indian stamp cools the body.
4) It is useful for quenching thirst.
5) Relieves heartburn and nausea.
6) The skin of the Indian stamp is astringent and causes diarrhea.
7) The best way to use Indian stamps is to soak this material in water and then strain it and eat it with candy.
8) Indian stamp tail also has a laxative effect. To prepare the brew, mix a tablespoon of Indian stamp with half a liter of boiling water and leave it for an hour, then consume this brew during the day.
9) Cook the Indian stamp and make a poultice from it. Apply this poultice on the swelling and painful parts of the body.

Indian stamps are not good for the lungs and spleen and may cause problems in people with weak lungs and spleen. Such people are better off eating Indian stamps with tragacanth or poppy.

In this article, we examine the calories of this winter food:

  • Calories per 100 grams of Indian stamp with 115 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 40 minutes and 35 seconds

  • Calories per 100 grams of seedless Indian stamp 240 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 1 hour, 24 minutes and 42 seconds

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Source: Dr. Salam

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