Influenza virus-infected environments

The environment around us can be contaminated by colds and others can be infected by the spread of various viruses. It is better for people not to spit their saliva and nose in the environment to avoid this.

Referring to the prevalence of colds, Iraj Khosronia, an internal physician, said: “Raising the runny nose is harmful to the body. They work there, and the spread of the virus spreads viral diseases.

The internal medicine doctor continued: “Especially the flu and colds, there are millions of viruses in the saliva and the best way is to have a handkerchief in our pocket and put the nose and mouth water in it and disinfect that handkerchief and completely return the water.” The nose is very dangerous up and inside the stomach and causes infections of the stomach and mucous membranes, and it is better to throw it out into the environment.

“Nasal secretions are not good for the body at all and humans should not swallow them and consume them. And vomits and prevents the spread of the disease and that is its usefulness and has no other use.

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