Information about acne and its treatment

Acne mainly affects people with varying degrees of acne. Especially adolescents and young people who during puberty, the activity of the body’s endocrine glands is increased, especially the hormones of the reproductive system, in which the secretion of a special substance causes the production of high skin fat called sebum and eventually causes acne pimples. Along with these pimples, there may be swelling or infection, which is painful and uncomfortable at this stage.

To fight acne, you need to get rid of oily skin. To do this, wash your skin with weak antiseptic soaps, 2 or 3 times a day, in the morning and at night, and avoid eating animal fats. Be sure to use vegetable fats. Treat your constipation. Avoid sweets, chocolate, and other sugars that are converted to fat in the body, and use vegetables, fruits, and water instead. Eliminate or eliminate nerve stimulants such as tea, coffee, and spices from your diet. Avoid manipulating pimples and be sure to wash your hands before contact with pimples to prevent infection.
Avoid worry, excitement and anxiety, sleep well and keep your nerves calm. You can also use fruit masks to help nourish acne prone skin.
If you are one of those people who, in addition to acne pimples, you also see blackheads on your face, except for the above or some chamomile that is poured into a container with a proportionate amount of water, when you boil your face. Eat. Infuse for 10 minutes and then press the seeds out of the skin with a clean cloth and then wash your face with cold water to tighten the open pores. Egg whites also tighten open pores.

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