Information about anatomical sexual problems

There are some anatomical sexual problems in men that most men refuse to tell the doctor because of shame and modesty!

One of the characteristics of anatomical sexual disorders is their ability to be modified and the patient’s problem can be solved forever. Many of these patients wander between offices and clinics with our medicine envelopes, unaware that these patients not only do not need medicine, but their problems cannot be solved with medicine either.

anatomy It is a term used in medical science to describe different parts of the body. Anatomical disorders means a disorder in the structure of an organ. For example, if a person has six fingers on his hand, they say that he has an anatomical disorder, etc. In terms of medical science, the penis in men can have many anatomical disorders, some of which can be the source of sexual disorders, the severity of which varies from mild to severe. Sexual disorders in both men and women are classified into two major categories, mental and physical, each of which has many types.

Sexual disorders caused by anatomical problems are considered physical sexual disorders, but sometimes the psychological stress caused by having an anatomical problem is more than physical problems. Therefore, these patients are mostly suffering from psychological and physical sexual disorders.

The important issue in these men is correct diagnosis and treatment. Such men are divided into four categories:

· A significant number do not go to the doctor due to embarrassment and live with their problem for the rest of their lives.

· Many are aware of their problem but do not care about it and it becomes a problem after marriage and sometimes it leads to divorce.

· Another number go to the doctor but do not tell the doctor about their real problem, for example, a man has decreased sexual desire due to having hypospadias (the opening of the urethra opens lower on the penis body) and the psychological problem caused by it. He goes to the doctor with a complaint of decreased sexual desire and undergoes various tests and treatments, and the problem remains unsolved. It is true that the patient did not express his main problem due to embarrassment, but it is the doctor’s duty to diagnose and treat the patient’s main problem.

· Some are also aware of their problem and wisely refer to a specialist doctor and solve their problem.

The most common anatomical problems that cause in men Sexual disorders that can be corrected with surgery are listed below. Each of them is explained in detail in separate articles. In this topic, they will only be mentioned briefly to remind you:

1. Hypospadias

Hypospadias (Hypospadias) It means the opening of the urethra below its normal place on the penis. It varies from mild to very severe. Whatever The opening of the urethra is lower than its normal place is placed, the problem is more severe. This problem usually causes There are no sexual disorders, but the lower the urethral opening is, the more downward the penis bends. In cases where the urethral opening is lower than its normal place at the junction of the penis and the scrotum It is placed, because the semen comes out during intercourse, fertility problems arise. In severe cases, sometimes a lot of psychological stress is put on a person and these people refuse to marry. This disease can be corrected with surgery. Severe cases require multiple and complex surgeries.

2. Penile curvature

Penile curvature (Penile curvature, Penile chordee) It is a relatively common disease and 10% of men have some degree of it. This disease also varies from very mild (5 degree curvature) to very severe (about 90 degree curvature). All cases Penile curvature does not require surgery. If the curvature of the penis is more than 30 degrees, it causes problems in establishing marital relations. Sometimes, even with mild penile curvature, the patient is psychologically very stressed. This disease can be corrected with surgery.

3. A veiled penis

A veiled penis (Webbed penis) It means the presence of a membrane that connects the lower part of the penis to the skin of the scrotum. This disease also varies from very mild to very severe. In the mild type, this curtain connects the lower third of the penis to the skin of the scrotum. In the severe type, the entire lower part of the penis is connected to the scrotum. This anatomical problem has two major complications. First, it causes the penis to be shortened, and secondly, it prevents the establishment of full vaginal intercourse. A membranous penis can be corrected with surgery, because if the surgery is not done correctly, it will cause the scrotum to shrink and deform it.

4. Rotation of the penis

Rotation of the penis (Penile Torsion) It varies from mild (10°) to very severe (180°). It does not cause physical sexual disorder by itself, but sometimes the patient suffers from depression or mental stress due to his inappropriate appearance. This disease can also be corrected with surgery. The best age for shaving is before the age of six.

5. Deviation of the angle of the penis during erection

In a normal state, the penis should have an angle of 45 degrees with the abdomen in a fully erect state. Small amounts of decreasing or increasing this angle are common and are not problematic, but when this deviation increases, it causes serious problems in establishing a marital relationship. This deviation of the angle may be so severe that the penis sticks to the abdomen or the scrotum during erection. I have had couples who had been married for several months or even years, but still did not have a successful marriage and had been undergoing various treatments for a long time. Erection, penetration is not possible at all. With surgical correction, the problem of couples was also solved and they were able to establish a successful marriage One of the characteristics of the deviation of the genital angle in the erection state is that it does not allow penetration in any close position.. This disease has two main types:

Erection without raising the penis

It is a state of deviation of the angle of the genitals in the erect state, in which the angle of the genitals with the abdomen is more than 150 degrees, and in the erect state, the genitals are placed one or two centimeters from the skin of the scrotum, and in fact, the position of the genitals in the erect state It is not much different from the loose state of the penis.

Erection with excessive erection of the penis

This state is the opposite of the previous state and the penile angle becomes less than 45 degrees in the erection state. Sometimes this angle is about 5 degrees, that is, the penis is placed at a distance of 1-2 cm from the abdomen in an erect state. In these patients, penetration is not possible even with the help of hands. I have had a number of patients who had this problem and had fractured the penis due to putting pressure on the penis for intercourse. The cause of this problem is the shortness of the suspensory ligament of the penis, the shorter this ligament is, the closer the penis is to the body during erection.

The disease of penile angle deviation in erection can be corrected by surgery.

It should be noted that men who have anatomical problems in the penis and are not married yet, after marriage, I have seen that it has even led to divorce, despite the fact that the wife is explained that the problem can be solved with surgery. , some of them are not burdened and insist on divorce, so I recommend that if a man has the above problems, he must discuss his problem with his future wife before getting married.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Safrinejad/surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract diseases – university professor

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