Information about kidney failure

Kidney failure is an advanced kidney disease that causes many side effects and problems for patients. If you are suffering from diabetes or blood pressure disorders, we suggest that you take more care of your kidneys and prevent failure in this vital organ of your body. The only way to help these people would be a healthy kidney transplant. This depends on the families of brain dead people. It is better to know that organ donation is a good thing. By doing this, you can give life to hopeless patients.

A faculty member of Kerman University of Medical Sciences said: Families who sacrifice themselves and donate their lost loved ones after brain death, actually give life to several others.

Dr. Hamadreza Ebadzadeh added: Kidney failure is one of the diseases that afflicts patients, and sugar and high blood pressure are two causes of kidney failure.

He continued: In kidney failure, this organ does not perform its main function and needs alternative treatment, which is done by two methods, dialysis and kidney transplant.

This urologist said: Transplantation is the first line of treatment for kidney failure, which is done in two ways: organ donation from a living person or donation from a brain dead patient. In many countries, where kidney donation is done only through brain death, there are long waiting lists.

Information about kidney failure

Emphasizing on the issue that there should be more culture building in the society in terms of organ donation from brain dead patients, he said: If the families involved in this matter make sacrifices, a lot of suffering will be removed from the shoulders of patients who need to receive organs.

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