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How much do you know about sexual anxiety in men and do you know the ways and means to deal with this complication?

Constant worry about sexual appearance or abilities makes sex unsuccessful, very stressful, and nerve-wracking, and can sometimes lead to severe refusal to have sex.

Nasrin Safaria, a family counselor, wrote: Allowing one person to have privacy in the most private parts of life creates a special relationship that is very close and revealing. Sex is one of the most important privacy and of course enjoyable experiences, but when a couple is afraid and stressed about this or is anxious about their sexual function, the feeling of attractiveness or intimacy with the spouse is undoubtedly disturbed and even very hard. It will be. On the other hand, many people think that others always have a successful, satisfying, and problem-free sex, and this can sometimes lead to anxiety and sometimes to extreme severity.

When I always think about whether I can have successful sex? Does my spouse enjoy and enjoy my sexual function? Do I look too fat or too thin? … Sexual dysfunction and failure in it is inevitable, no doubt the mind involved and confused with negative and questioning thoughts, does not allow his wife to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Constant worry about sexual appearance or abilities makes sex unsuccessful, very stressful, and nerve-wracking, and can sometimes lead to severe refusal to have sex.

Sex is more than just a physical reaction. Sexual arousal is closely related to emotions and motivation. When your mind is busy with worries or you are constantly stressed, it will undoubtedly be impossible to focus on sex and stimulate the body and it will be very difficult.

A person’s mental state has a tremendous effect on sexual arousal; Even if a person is with someone who is sexually attractive to them, worrying about being able to satisfy him or her may make it impossible for him or her to do so. When one focuses on whether one can do well or not, one can certainly not focus on what one is actually doing. In fact, anxiety about sexual function leads to a permanent cycle; The person becomes so anxious about sex that he can not take action, and this leads to more anxiety in this area to the point that sometimes it can distract the person from having sex. Therefore, it can be acknowledged that anxiety is one of the most important factors in the disruption of sexual feelings and in addition to confusing the mind, it also reduces the intensity of sexual function and pleasure in the relationship.

Psychologists have defined this type of anxiety as sexual anxiety. Sexual anxiety is seen in some men and women. Sometimes the severity of this problem is so strong that a person’s sexual life is disrupted from the root and causes many marital problems.

In this article, we have tried to address men’s sexual anxiety, tell how and why it is, examine the causes, and finally suggest solutions to solve and treat this problem.

How does anxiety affect sexual function?

You may be looking for answers to the question of how anxiety can overshadow sexual function or make it worse.

The answer is simple, when you feel anxious and stressed, your body automatically releases an anxiety chemical called adrenaline into your bloodstream. Adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands located above the kidneys. Adrenaline has both positive and negative effects. It is interesting to know that this chemical is always good and useful for increasing physical activity (for example, the release of adrenaline makes you run faster), but the release of adrenaline during sexual intercourse has the opposite effect and leads to feelings of anxiety and anxiety; A situation that is not considered pleasant at all. In fact, the secretion of this hormone has a very negative effect on sex.

Severe anxiety due to adrenaline secretion is manifested in men as follows:

Loss of erection, premature or late ejaculation, lack of stiffness of the genitals to the point that the man can not use contraceptives, difficulty in relaxing and enjoying sex, causing serious marital problems and…

Sexual anxiety, on the other hand, triggers the body to a “fight or flight” reaction; Stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine are also released in the body’s immune response, which increases the severity of anxiety.

What are the male sexual concerns?

If I do not perform well in bed and can not satisfy my spouse sexually; Can I get enough erections? Can I ejaculate prematurely and reach orgasm quickly? Is my spouse satisfied with my body and does not make fun of me? Does my wife like my body odor? Can I have sex properly? Is my spouse satisfied with my performance and enjoying it? Could this sex lead to pregnancy? Can I have sex successfully? Can I get a sexually transmitted disease? … Some worries are perfectly reasonable, such as the fear of having unprotected sex and the fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. , But many of the concerns raised above are completely irrational and will result in nothing but anxiety; Anxiety that leads to serious problems and even further deterioration of the situation.

What is male sexual anxiety?

Male sexual anxiety is the experience of an unpleasant and stressful situation in which a person is afraid of the possible occurrence of certain sexual thoughts or actions and considers himself incapable of dealing with them. This mental state is very destructive.

Experiencing long-term sexual anxiety results in nothing but weakness and disability, and can ultimately impair the quality and quantity of sexual intercourse and sometimes even lead to reluctance or reluctance to engage in sexual behavior. For this reason, it is very important to know the set of factors that make men anxious during sex. Some of the anxious thoughts of men are related to the ability and power of the person and how to manage sexual behavior and success in it, and others are related to the wife and rooted in thoughts and ideas that a man often thinks his wife about him or physical action and She is expecting sex.


“Erectile dysfunction” (impotence) is the most common sexual problem in men. Inability to establish or control an erection is defined as sexual dysfunction. Many men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their sex lives, but it is most likely to occur as men get older.

But in today’s industrial society, other voices are being heard about the prevalence and age of onset of the disorder in men, which is very surprising. According to statistics published in recent years, the prevalence of this disorder seems to have increased and it has affected many men at a young age.

A large number of men develop impotence in their forties, in other words, four out of ten men struggle with the problem, while at the age of seventy, seven out of ten men suffer from the disorder. Erectile dysfunction.

Sexual anxiety is one of the main components in men, especially young men, erectile dysfunction and is also a factor that increases the severity of the problem in men. Experiencing a lot of anxiety and the secretion of stress hormones cause blood vessels to constrict or constrict, reducing blood flow to the male genitals, making sexual arousal or erection very difficult; Even men who do not have a problem with arousal will not be able to do it when they are anxious about their sexual function. Sexual anxiety in the affected person causes the man to constantly cultivate negative thoughts before having sex or even during sexual intercourse; Thoughts that are mostly about losing an erection. Often in most patients, the person is already frightened by the thought of losing an erection and enters into a relationship with that state of mind; On the other hand, during sexual intercourse, he constantly and uninterruptedly checks the quality of his erection. This behavioral fear is so severe that the sufferer is often influenced by negative thoughts during sexual intercourse, which constantly reinforce his / her erection or weakness, instead of paying attention to the function of the genital area. This fear provides anxiety that has the opposite effect on the quality of the erection and makes it harder and harder for a man to control an erection.

Fear of premature ejaculation, dissatisfaction with poor physical condition, fear of inability to achieve sexual satisfaction are other sexual anxieties of men.

Fear of evaluation and opinion of the spouse

The opinion of others has a very important and undeniable role in the formation and how a person knows and defines himself. People often see themselves in the mirror of others, perhaps because any reaction or response reflects a person’s action and can lead to a particular path. Indeed, this important fact is not unaffected in the world of sexual life of individuals, the implicit or explicit expression of the spouse on the manner and quality of sexual intercourse forms the sexual confidence of the other partner. Praising and encouraging a man’s ability and power by a woman has a positive effect, while a woman criticizing and complaining about sex will have the opposite effect.

This is why the performance and sexual ability of many men in sexual intercourse depends on the evaluation and opinion of their spouses. Exceeding the degree of credibility in the opinion of the spouse and its negative evaluation, has led to anxiety in the person, so that the person is constantly worried about his wife’s reactions before, during and after sex. Excessive worries and negative and sometimes extreme prejudices lead to sexual anxiety in men and severely affect his performance.

How is this disorder treated?

If you have sexual anxiety, see a clinical psychologist or sex therapist first. Choose a psychotherapist who is comfortable with you so that you can talk freely about your sex life. By interviewing and asking about your sexual history, how, how much, and how well it is, the psychologist will find out how you became sexually anxious and why or what thoughts in your sexual life were the main cause of your problems. The therapist will help you gain a better understanding of your gender and sexual functions, and understand the issues that have caused your sexual anxiety and fear. For example, if you are worried about your premature ejaculation, you can control your premature ejaculation by knowing the cause and using techniques to gain more control. Your therapist may refer you to a psychiatrist if necessary to perform Clinical examinations and tests to make sure you are in good physical health sometimes require medication. Medication (taking sedatives or medications related to sexual problems that sometimes go back to physical causes, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.) along with counseling and psychotherapy is very effective in reducing anxiety and can make your sex life happier and more enjoyable.

A few helpful tips

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

• Talk to your spouse.

Instead of hiding or fearing to reveal the problem to your spouse, talk to your partner. Talk about sexual dysfunction after having a deep emotional connection and feeling comfortable with him.

• Use other methods of intimacy.

Stay away from sex.

* Use the attention-grabbing technique.

* Boost your self-confidence

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