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Paying attention to sexual issues is very important and its empty place can be felt in the education of couples and families.

Sexual problems, a problem that according to experts exists in today’s society to a large extent, and if it is not paid attention to, it may become challenging in the future, although experts work in the field of sexual health, but there are obstacles in this field that openly speak It makes it difficult for people.
More than 70% of the causes of divorce and about 40% of the causes of addiction to drugs are related to lack of satisfaction in marital sexual issues. The presentation of these statistics was the most important news that was brought up yesterday morning at the opening ceremony of the sexual health clinic in the Red Crescent Medical and Medical Complex. The news that showed the importance of this issue and removing the taboo that has existed in the society for years.
Red Crescent officials, including Ali Asghar Ahmadi, the Secretary General of the Red Crescent Society, were present in this ceremony to remind the people and especially the officials that if sexual issues are neglected and not dealt with, they may face complex problems in the future. Let’s face it, it is not possible to solve it easily.
“In the country, we usually deny about the issues first, then we get angry, and finally, as an obvious necessity, we deal with it when we have lost all the opportunities. An example is alcohol consumption in the country. For a long time, we denied the fact that alcohol consumption is high in society. “Now that we see the increase in alcohol consumption, the Ministry of Health is looking to establish alcohol withdrawal clinics.”

This was the topic that Alireza Bahrami, Vice President of Support and Planning of Hilal Iran Pharmaceutical Complex, brought up in this ceremony and expressed dissatisfaction with the denial of some issues in the society by both the authorities and the people.
Bahrami also pointed out that due to the taboo that we have created in the society, not even a part of religious issues can be expressed in the society, let alone addressed.

In fact, we have created taboos that have become a chain on our hands and feet, while the need to deal with sexual problems is the same as the need to deal with other diseases. The lack of legitimate emotions and happiness means not paying and not seeing it is a problem that exists in our society. One of the most important issues is legitimate pleasures, which we must deal with in a legitimate format and recognize these rights.

This action also strengthens the position of the family. It may not be appropriate to address this issue in official forums, but we can see that it is the basic problem of the society. More than 70% of the reasons for divorce and about 40% of the reasons for resorting to drugs are related to lack of satisfaction in marital sexual issues. The most important problem in this regard is the empty nest syndrome, that is, a family that faces complications such as emotional divorce and white marriage.

Following these words, Bahrami considered the most important discussion in sexual health clinics to be education and expressed regret over the removal of the family planning unit in the country’s higher education.

He said: “I wish it would have included sexual and family health instead of family planning, because this issue needs a legitimate forum to convey these issues to society.”

Also, Ali Asghar Ahmadi, Secretary General of the Red Crescent Society, emphasized that sexual problems and sexual health issues can be seen as a social anomaly along with other anomalies and said: “At least if we look at this issue from the perspective of ethics, action will be taken to eliminate Its problems are accepted. From the perspective of social damage, it is necessary to address this issue.”

He also referred to the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and recalled: “Once the Supreme Leader raised the issue of cultural invasion in the society and later we saw that the sites and satellite networks targeted the institution of families. “Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the tendency towards the series of some satellite networks is seen in families, these series have targeted the depth and roots of families, so the discussion of education and warning is very important, and other devices should also help in this field.”

Ahmadi considered the main responsibility of health to be the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and institutions such as social security, and he introduced the Red Crescent as a large non-governmental organization (Seman) in helping the government, and said that in the sixth development plan, special attention should be paid to the medical and therapeutic issues of the Red Crescent community. have and match the goals with the organizational mission and macro plans.

Amir Madir, the director of the sexual health clinic of Hilal Medical Complex of Iran, was one of the other people who gave a speech at the ceremony and considered strengthening the family as the main goal of opening the sexual health clinic. He said that the issue of sexual health and sexual satisfaction will be challenging in the future, that this issue is not unique to Iran and exists everywhere in the world, so we have to provide a middle solution for this issue so as not to go to extremes.

He considered education as a solution to prevent sexual disorders and increase people’s satisfaction, and he also introduced research measures as another goal of this clinic, so that with the electronic registration of patients’ files, in addition to providing statistics, they will also investigate the cause of problems.
Further, Masoud Habibi, the head of Red Crescent Society’s pharmaceutical-therapeutic complex, emphasized the importance of creating a culture of raising sexual issues and believes that a cultural thing should be done to deal with this issue in a normal way, which requires the presence of the media.
He also raised the issue that the Ministry of Health is also trying to establish such centers and said that the establishment of these centers is considered an opportunity for the society so that those who have disorders in this regard can receive appropriate treatment. Habibi also announced the launch of the maternal, fetal and newborn health clinic during the government week and said: “This clinic will provide pregnancy and newborn care because diseases in this area make the family desperate. The counseling clinic will also be launched soon so that people can benefit from its services. Also, our next phase, based on the drawn vision, is to set up a comprehensive cancer center, which of course is being done.”

Seyyed Ali Azin, a specialist in social medicine, was one of the other people who mentioned the pathology of sexual health in this meeting. He believes that the first condition for providing services in order to make policies in this area is a correct understanding of the issue and its complexity, and he emphasized that simplicism in this regard is really a disaster. Respecting people’s sexual rights was the second point that Azin mentioned and considered education as part of people’s sexual and reproductive rights. In fact, access to education and benefiting from safe sexual relations is part of the sexual reproductive rights of people.

Each country can have different population policies according to its requirements, but some issues are part of rights, and we should not neglect these issues in providing health services to the people. As Seyyed Ali Azin put forward; Most of people’s problems in the field of sexual health are only concerns, thoughts and question marks. “People are undecided about this and don’t know where to turn.

If we can solve these problems in the field of sexual health clinics, the concerns of many people will be solved. Another part of the pathology of sexual health is the problems related to the field of sexual activities. He also considered the significant increase in life expectancy in the country and many health indicators to be proud and said: “It was time that, considering that many of the needs of the people in the field of sexual health have become demands, the health system followed this May he take steps in the field of education, culture and providing sexual health care.
In the continuation of his speech, this social medicine specialist discussed the reasons for paying attention to people’s sexual health. He said: “Since the 1980s, when we faced the AIDS epidemic in the world, the issue of sexual health became critical, and people’s sexual behavior was not considered a personal issue. In addition, since other sexually transmitted diseases help As the spread of AIDS increases, the control of other sexually transmitted infections should be considered at the same time.

If we set aside this priority in the quality of people’s lives and the stigma it has, satisfaction with sexual relations is one of the priorities and this issue is very important in the context of the family because it leads to more intimacy and responsibility. Therefore, if this issue is damaged, it can affect commitment and responsibility.” Azin emphasized that the sex life of our society is changing.

This change has positive and negative aspects and brings with it vulnerabilities like any change in society. If we close our eyes to this issue, one day we will wake up and realize that the issue has become complicated and we will face the problem we currently have in addiction later.

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