Information about the consumption of soy milk

What is the nutritional value of soy milk? What vitamins and minerals does this healthy drink contain for the body? Can it replace regular milk? By using this special drink, they will be protected from osteoporosis. What is the difference between this milk and regular milk?

A nutritionist pointed out that soy milk cannot replace natural milk and said: if calcium is added to these milks, it can prevent osteoporosis and is a suitable supplement and replacement for those who cannot use normal milk.

Dr. Kurosh Jafarian pointed out that the produced soy milk does not naturally contain calcium and they enrich it with calcium, adding: Soy milk cannot take the place of normal natural milk. In cases where a person is allergic to regular milk and is unable to digest it or the doctor has forbidden the patient from consuming milk, it can be used as a supplement.

He continued: Sometimes milk has benefits that soy milk does not have and vice versa. In addition, it should be noted what type of calcium is used in soy milk. For example, is it calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate, etc., because each of these can have a different structure. In any case, we must know the type of calcium added to soy milk.

Dr. Jafarian mentioned that soy milk enriched with calcium phosphate may have side effects, and stated: There is a belief that calcium phosphate in soy milk damages the digestive system and thus reduces the amount of calcium absorption. , while such a result has not been proven so far.

Evaluating the usefulness of soy milk consumption, he stated: There is no limit to the consumption of soy milk even for those who consume normal milk and have no problem with it, and all people can consume between two and three units of this nutrient daily.

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