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One of the most common problems in men is the low number of sperms and of course weak sperms. One out of every 25 men has low sperm counts. Lifestyle factors such as stress, obesity, and improper diet can affect the number and activity of sperm.

Maybe these questions about sperm have been raised for you, if in the end only one sperm and one egg form the fetus, why does the male body produce so many sperm? What is the normal sperm count? How long does sperm live? Can sperm survive outside the body? This article will introduce you to the answers to such questions.

1. How long does sperm survive?
This issue depends on several factors, the most important of which is the location of the sperm. When the semen dries, the sperm will die on a dry surface, such as clothes or a bed, but in water, such as in a hot tub, it will probably survive for a longer period of time, because it survives longer in moist and warm environments, but the possibility that the sperm in the water There is very little chance of getting into the female genital tract and impregnating her. Sperm in a woman’s body survives up to 5 days, depending on the conditions, so having unprotected sex even a few days before a woman ovulates may lead to a woman’s pregnancy.

2. How many sperm is needed for a woman to get pregnant?
Only one sperm is enough to fertilize the egg, but for one sperm that reaches the egg and causes its fertilization, several million sperm are lost. A man’s semen contains approximately 100 million sperm. Men whose sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen have problems with fertility. Why are so many sperm necessary to form an embryo? Because only a limited number of sperm survive the journey from the vagina to the uterine tubes (fallopian tubes) to reach the egg. For the sperms that complete this journey, it is not so easy to penetrate into the egg. The egg is covered with a thick layer that makes fertilization difficult. Experts believe that this process is nature’s way for the healthiest sperm to reach the egg so that a healthy baby is born.

3. Is it possible to improve sperm quality?
Many things that contribute to the overall health of the body also contribute to sperm health; Such as: avoiding smoking and illegal drugs, especially anabolic steroid drugs, avoiding exposure to toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals, avoiding alcohol, having a healthy diet and maintaining a normal body weight, keeping the temperature of the scrotum (scrotum) cool because Heat slows sperm production, avoid hot baths and hot tubs, wear baggy underwear instead of tight underwear, and don’t wear tight pants.

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