Information on physical and mental maturity

What are the differences between physical maturity and mental maturity and how much are their differences?

Is only physical maturity enough for a person to be able to assume the responsibility of living together? It should be noted that marriage at a young age is harmful for both boys and girls, while even for a girl, marriage at a young age somehow causes her to face major problems. That is because to live in today’s societies, one must acquire some necessary skills in order to be able to continue living according to the facilities and conditions of the day.

Amir Mahmoud Harirchi, a public health expert, wrote that living in a completely traditional society where only women are expected to be housewives, husbands and children is a different situation. However, in that case, the person will have many children at a young age, and as a result, due to their young age and back-to-back births, they will suffer from various diseases, including anemia, and according to the studies, they will sometimes suffer from mental problems.

In today’s modern society, where people need to be more connected, women should also participate in all their life affairs, and these connections require the acquisition of skills, education, and a suitable job. For marriage, not only physical maturity should be taken into consideration, but also mental and social maturity is very important. Fortunately, the rate of early marriage in the country is low and most people are aware of this. However, in some provinces and cities, we see that such marriages still exist and are encouraged.

Marrying at a young age is very harmful for people, and it should be noted that young people have not reached enough maturity even physically. In today’s societies, a person must acquire the necessary skills in society to get married, which is part of school, interacting with others and paying attention to behaviors and crisis management, in principle, marriage is an all-round commitment and does not mean that a person is simply a routine. A biological person can get married, but this commitment requires participation and he must have reached cultural and social maturity to be able to accept a commitment.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the society who are old but have not reached social maturity emotionally and socially, and we witness unsuccessful lives among them, what about people getting married at a young age? In fact, they did not have the opportunity to achieve social skills and maturity, and as a result, they have an unsuccessful life.

Due to the fact that the expectations of the family and the modern society are different today, the family has a more important role in the development of a society and the role of parenting is of special importance; It should be noted that those who have not reached that full growth and maturity themselves, how can they raise successful children? In fact, in traditional environments, the son continues the father’s job and the daughter repeats her duties like her mother. It should be noted that what are the duties of people in societies today? Today, in modern societies, every person must have the necessary expertise in his field, today’s woman knows her rights, and such a woman can acquire social maturity in order to be able to express it. Anyway, marriages at young ages are not only unsuccessful, but also cause the woman to face major problems in life and enter into a joint life in a situation that she is not very ready for.

June 10, 1394 22:17

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