Inhibition of oral cancer

What are the ways and means we can control oral cancer? What causes this complication? How will we be able to eliminate it?

Oral cancer is one of the types of cancers that is increasing in the country and due to the fact that the mouth is the channel for food to enter the body, if the health tips are not followed, it can cause various diseases in the body. Be human.

Cancer means the uncontrolled growth of cells that causes tissue damage, and oral cancer can affect all parts of the oral cavity, including the lips, mouth, throat and tongue.

13% of deaths are caused by cancer, which can occur at different ages, but the incidence increases with age, and it is interesting to know that cancer is not only specific to humans, but all animals and plants can also get cancer. .

Oral cancers, which occur in the area of ​​the oral cavity, are classified as head and neck cancers, and most oral cancers are found in the tongue and floor of the mouth.

Almost all of these cancers start in the flat cells (squamous cells) that cover the surface of the mouth, tongue, and lips. These cancers are called squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs).

Go to war on oral cancer with good oral hygiene

“In the past, most people with oral cancer were men, but today, with smoking, malnutrition and other environmental factors, women are more likely to get it,” said Navid Naseri, a dentist at the Supreme Council of the Medical System. Cancer is on the rise.

He adds: “Until thirty years ago, men were 5 to 6 times more likely to get oral cancer than women, but today this rate has almost doubled and the difference between the sexes is decreasing.”

He continues: The prevalence of oral cancer increases with age, and approximately 95% of cases of this cancer occur after the age of 40, especially in the 6th and 6th decades of life.

According to Naseri, in the last decade, compared to the previous two decades, cancer is more common between the ages of 4 and 40.

According to the World Health Organization, oral carcinomas in men in developing countries are the sixth cancer after lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach and bladder cancers, and in women the tenth cancer after breast, colorectal, lung, stomach, and uterine cancers. The cervix, ovaries, bladder and liver, which seem to have increased the incidence of oral malignancies in women in recent years.

Excessive use of hookah and cigarettes causes an increase in oral cancer in the country

Unfortunately, one of the most common activities among the youth of the society is smoking and hookah smoking, which is considered as a kind of entertainment and they go to it in their spare time without knowing how much their health is exposed to various diseases. Include cancer.

Naseri attributes the increase in oral cancer in Iran and the decrease in the age of onset in the last decade to the excessive use of hookah, cigarettes and alcohol in young people.

It is important to consider that in addition to the use of hookah and cigarettes have a significant impact on the incidence of oral cancer, the lack of attention of the community and especially the young generation to oral health and failure to refer to six-month or annual dental examinations can lead to this type. Cancer affects.

The orthodontist regrets that with the increase in the use of psychedelics, especially if it is present in hookah tobacco, the risk of oral cancer will increase. People, especially those who do not observe oral hygiene, reduce appetite and consume less nutritious foods, are much more likely to develop oral cancer and irritation of the mucous membranes in this area.

He continues: “It is now well established that the substances in tobacco are involved in the development of oral cancers, and the disease is more likely to occur due to the consumption of hookah with aromatic tobacco or fruit with a variety of impurities.”

He warns young people: “Smoking (hookah or cigarettes) makes a person about 2 to 40 times more susceptible to oral cancer.”

Identify the causes of oral cancer

Genetic effects and genetic mutations, cigarettes and tobacco, chewing tobacco or cod leaves, and excessive alcohol consumption are some of the factors that contribute to the incidence of oral cancer; Improper diet is also another risk factor for oral cancer.

Brushing and flossing is a very simple task that can be done during the day after eating food, which unfortunately most people avoid doing the same simple task, while we all know that prevention precedes treatment, so Why put our health at risk and expose ourselves to illness and medical expenses by not observing personal hygiene tips?

What are the common symptoms of oral cancer?

Regarding the common symptoms of oral cancer, the head of the Islamic Azad School of Dentistry in Shiraz states: The appearance and persistence of white spots, a combination of white and red or red in the mouth or on the lips, the appearance of sores in the mouth or on the lips that after two The week does not improve, bleeding in the mouth for a long time (about 2-3 weeks), loose or falling teeth, pain or discomfort when swallowing food, the presence of glands in the neck and earache are some of the common symptoms of this cancer.

“The patient may present with ulcerative and possibly bleeding tumors in the mouth that have persisted for a long time. These patients are usually middle-aged men with a history of heavy use of tobacco and alcohol, and often have poor oral hygiene,” he said. Is

Taking care of your mouth and teeth is not a difficult task

Researchers have concluded that some people have certain risk factors that cause it. They are more likely to get this cancer than others. In fact, a risk factor is any factor that increases a person’s risk of developing the disease.

Therefore, people who are accustomed to smoking, people who smoke and drink alcohol at the same time, being exposed to the sun for a long time and constantly and habits such as biting the lips, cheeks or tongue can be at risk for oral cancer. More in person.

Ali Tajernia, President of the Annual Congress of Iranian Dentists, also warned of an increase in the incidence of oral cancer in the country due to smoking and said: Oral cancer in the Middle East ranks third among other cancers; While in the world it is ranked 18th. Fifty percent of gum disease is caused by tooth decay and smoking.

It is enough to have a little willpower to have a healthy mouth and teeth, and with the least cost, in addition to ensuring our health, we can prevent various diseases, including cancer, which is also called horror.

Regular dental visits are essential

Regular checkups are the best opportunity for a full oral examination by a dentist for signs of cancer. In fact, regular checkups can detect early-stage oral cancer or problems that may lead to oral cancer in the future.

Naseri, a member of the dentist of the Supreme Council of the Medical System, says in this regard: If oral cancer is diagnosed in the early stages and the patient is treated, the probability of treatment and recovery from this disease is high, and if cancer cells have spread in the body, the probability The treatment of the infected person is relatively less.

According to him, research has shown that eating as much fish, vegetables, fruits and eggs can reduce the risk of oral cancer.

People are often unaware of their health and go to the doctor or dentist when the disease is progressing and sometimes it is too late to do treatment, so with just a little time to improve their health. And observing personal hygiene, especially oral hygiene, can prevent the occurrence of many adverse physical and mental events and spending high costs.

Report from: Zahra Rahimi

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