Insufficient water intake and these complications

If we do not drink enough water, what complications will we suffer and what problems will we face? What are the diseases caused by insufficient intake of water?

Dehydration symptoms start with dry mouth and feeling thirsty. In this case, the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth look dry or abnormal.

You may even feel that your mouth is sticky.

Water is really essential for proper cellular function. Unfortunately, not consuming enough water prevents the proper and normal functioning of all the devices in the body. Low energy, loss of muscle strength and endurance, and of course feeling tired, are all signs of dehydration.

Infants and children who experience moderate or severe dehydration may appear sleepy and lethargic, or they may be extremely irritable and make excuses all the time. Darkness under the eyes and lack of tears are other signs of dehydration in children.

Feeling hungry is one of the other side effects of dehydration. Fluids can be obtained by eating certain foods such as fruits, vegetables or soup. So it is natural for the body to remind you that it needs water by inducing thirst and hunger.
Moderate or severe dehydration can cause headaches. Usually these headaches are solved by drinking one or two glasses of water. At the same time, the ability of memory and the ability to think are also weakened in the condition of dehydration.

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