Interesting and nutritious snacks for children

If your baby needs complementary nutrition, you can make these healthy and nutritious purees from some nutritious foods. Consumption of these nutrients will have a great impact on children’s physical health and will benefit your child both in terms of blood formation and weight gain. You can prepare these snacks in less than ten minutes.

Infants who do not eat snacks become more dependent on milk due to hunger, as a result of which they receive less nutrients and will not grow well in terms of weight and height. Easy snacks that you can add from the age of eight months, such as:

1. Vegetable puree Because cauliflower, carrots, broccoli (steamed) + potatoes (steamed) + butter + milk (suitable for weight gain, height enhancer, hematopoietic)

2. Coarsely chopped potatoes And simmer in water and fry in butter + tomato sauce including mashed tomatoes and garlic in roasted butter (bloody, weight gain)

3. Date or raisin balls of raisins No soaked seeds (or dates) and fried in butter + fine currant nut powder with a meat grinder and mix with nut powder to form a ball. (Hematopoietic, intelligence enhancer)

4. Halva with rice flour or wheat flour

Roast flour and add butter or vegetable oil, and finally add date juice, dates, grape juice or nectar and mix until thick. (Hematopoietic, weight gain)

5. Fruit puree or fruit yogurt with a few mother biscuits

Cooked pears, cooked apples, grated fruits and yogurt start at eight months.

6. Types of porridge like date porridge
Roast dates without skin in butter, add flour (optional nut powder) and fry well until completely soft.

7. Types of smoothies
Put the baby’s favorite fruits in the blender and give it to the baby like bananas, apples, persimmons

⊗ All the mentioned snacks can be given to the child at breakfast.

Source: Dr. Salam

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