Interesting facts about the flu

We want to add to your information about the flu. This complication is uncontrollable even with the vaccine. You can also get the flu by approaching animals such as dogs and cats. It is almost impossible to be immune to the disease even with the flu vaccine. !

Do you think you know everything about the terrible cold and flu? No, you do not know, read the following tips to know how to take care of yourself this year.

The flu vaccine will get rid of the flu, so get vaccinated right now.

You may feel unwell for a few days after vaccination, but it is not like catching the flu itself. This vaccine does not contain live flu viruses, so it is impossible to get the disease through the vaccine. Any pain, fever, nausea, and bruising you experience are the result of your immune system invading and producing antibodies against the flu.

The flu vaccine you get from the store is what your doctor gives you.

You can also get the vaccine that your doctor wants to give you. Even if your insurance does not cover this cost, it is still in your favor.

Your pet also needs this vaccine.

Vaccinate your pets if they are regularly in their wooden house or taken to day care centers. It may not protect them against the new wave of canine flu, but it can provide 65 to 75 percent immunity to the more widespread canine flu.

Most likely you will not get the flu this year.

Despite the fact that many people are afraid of an annual flu outbreak, for adults over the age of 30, it only happens twice every ten years. The researchers say that this is because of the antibodies that our immune system produces when we are infected and will be reminded later. This helps us stay safe from the flu. Do you want a solution again? Get vaccinated every year for long-term safety.

You cannot transmit the flu to your dog or cat.

They can also catch the flu, but only from other dogs and cats. And it will rarely be fatal.

You can’t get dog flu from your dog either.

But other pets can be infected, and cats, pigs, and birds and mink are at risk. If your dog has symptoms (runny nose, fever, cough), take him to the vet. Quarantine him for 5 to 7 days so that other animals are safe. There is no immediate cure for canine flu, give her plenty of fluids to keep her body hydrated. The treatment will take one to two weeks.

You can win the game with a cold.

Rhinovirus or nasal virus is the cause of most colds and likes to settle inside the nose; Where the temperature could be seven degrees colder than other parts of the body, but scientists are not sure why. A new study from Yale University shows that at low temperatures, rhinoviruses reproduce better and our immune system can fight it hard. When the temperature drops, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables right away, and these precautions have been shown to boost your immune system.

The effects of the flu vaccine may be declining.

Annual vaccination may soon become ineffective. A vaccine that has been able to prevent all or at least most of the viral waves for years will become a reality in the next 5 to 7 years, meaning that such a vaccine does not yet exist. The vaccines are currently being tested on animals, and human testing of the vaccine will begin in 2016.

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