Internet sex addiction

For political reasons, sex addicts were separated from older Internet addicts later. In addition, the study of the above studies published more than 130 studies on “Internet addicts”, and all of them found these brain changes, which are also seen in drug addicts.

Summary of the current level of addiction in brain science:

The study did not determine what percentage of those surveyed had Internet sex addiction. However, it is illogical to ignore the fact that excessive use of the Internet can manipulate the brain, whereas things like junk food, video games, gambling, and the Internet have been shown to do just that. .

Although these were published late, any research conducted in the press or on the Internet in the brain science on sex users shows that Sex The Internet can cause addictive brain changes.

Studies that do not deny sexual addiction

** Both behavioral and chemical addictions have the same mechanisms of action and cause the same changes in the brain. When both animals and humans show signs and behaviors of an addiction, there are brain changes associated with it.

** That brain changes in relation to addiction (whether chemical or behavioral) by Delta Fasb Rally Are launched.

** That all brain research done on Internet addictions, including the use Internet sex , Reveal the same brain changes that exist in drug addicts.

** Studies on Internet addiction and sexual use have found the causes of symptoms and brain changes.

Studies on DSM-5 have concluded that Disorder Sexual hyperactivity There is. (However, “hyperactivity” is a misleading term that refutes the findings of behavioral addiction research).

What about studies that deny sex addiction?

There is no scientifically documented study that denies sexual addiction. You may have seen headlines and articles about studies claiming to deny sexual addiction.

What is the story? Nicole Prause rejects the concept of sexual addiction. For example, a quote from a recent article by Martin Daubney on sex and sexual addiction, Nicole Prause, a leading researcher in sexual psychophysiology and brain science at the Los Angeles Laboratory, calls herself a professional sexual addict. In addition, Nicole Prause’s recent Twitter slogan shows that she probably does not have the neutrality needed to conduct a recent scientific study without prejudice.

UCLA is studying why people like to have sex without the nonsense they say about addiction.

Finally, it should be noted that he now makes his “specialized” statement against sexual addiction (for a fee). However it appears that he is trying his best to profit from the anti-addiction claim Sex Sell ​​based on two studies he conducted, although reviews of both articles show that those writings actually support the addiction model. The third article is not originally research. Instead, he claims that a press review is about sex addiction and its effects.

Lead author David Ley is the author of “The Myth of Sex Addiction” and Nicole Prause is the second author. The two authors not only co-authored the third article but also wrote a post in article one on the Psychology Blog today. The post was created 5 months before the Prause article was officially published. (So ​​no one could deny it). You may have seen her post with the interesting headline “Your brain is not addictive about sex”. From a religious point of view, he rejects sex addiction and sex. He has written about 20 posts on sex addiction sites, attacked them, and lied about sex addiction and the problems it causes.

Internet sex addiction is not sex addiction

Sex addiction requires real people, sex addiction only needs a screen and the internet. The majority of people who have had sex online have done so long before any sex: teens who quit their sexuality by clicking, searching, quenching their gaze, high fever, high quality videos, and intense circuitry. Long before their first kiss.

So any conflict over sex addiction should be considered separately from sex addiction or how normal male behaviors are pathological. On a behind-the-scenes scene, looking for a good image to finish?

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