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So far, the best way to smooth and brighten your complexion has been to use a high-coverage cosmetic powder cream; A method that is not permanent and does not work for you, but if you want your skin to be radiant, smooth and spotless forever, it is better to solve the problem from the ground up. In the beauty market of this section, with the advice of specialized doctors, we introduce the best high quality brightener to you.Stop the skin from darkening

The freshness and clarity of the skin doubles the beauty of any face, but usually the smoothness and shine of the skin in adolescence and youth undergoes changes that are necessary tools to fight and eliminate them permanently. Blemishes that settle on the face with direct sunlight, pregnancy, pimples, lasers and even skin diseases can only be removed with the professional and effective ingredients of day and night creams.


Oriage brightening cream, recommended by green apple skin experts, is a good source of hydroquinone, which lightens dark spots on your skin by stopping the process that changes the color of the skin. This anti-dandruff and lightening cream for dull and dark skin is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used during the day with sunscreen. Also, according to the users of the site, this cosmetic product has passed its test well compared to other anti-blemishes, but do not forget that its effectiveness will be more noticeable in the simultaneous use with sunscreen.

Method of Use

Massage Diperm Oriage Brightening Cream morning and night on blemishes or dark areas of the face and even the skin of the hands or body.

A serum to lighten the skin impurities that are pleasing to the skin these days under any pretext, gradually causes blemishes and freckles on the surface of the skin that will hardly disappear if we do not find a solution to them. Among the products offered by “Estee Lauder”, there is a high-performance and effective brightening serum. The results of a clinical trial show that after only two weeks of continuous use of this product, 62% of consumers have seen a significant reduction in their skin blemishes.

dermatologist skin1, Says: This product has strong antioxidants in its composition to protect the skin, which removes blemishes and dark spots on the skin, pimples and blemishes, and with its moisturizing and non-greasy structure, gives the skin a fresh and youthful appearance. Of course, this serum, like any other health and beauty product, needs continuous and regular consumption in order to be effective.

Method of Use

Massage the cream twice a day (morning and night) on clean skin to be completely absorbed. It is better to use this cream as the last cream at night.

Change the pigmentation of your skin Perhaps one of the reasons we have not gone to brighteners to date has been the abnormal whiteness or heaviness of the ingredients on your face. Since skin lighteners need to nourish your skin on a daily and regular basis, it is very effective to choose their functional and effective type in the result you are looking for. The best-selling NIWA Brightening Cream protects deep layers of skin cells from UV damage, darkening and premature aging, and gives your skin a radiant, radiant look.

Dermatologists believe that this cream reduces skin pigments and brightens the complexion after several uses. Also, the light and non-sticky formula of the product, with its moisturizing properties, softens and softens the skin and prevents the increase of blemishes and dullness of the skin. In addition, the compatibility of this lightening cream with the skin has been proven by dermatologists and beauty experts.

Method of Use

Apply the cream on your skin before sun exposure and extend it in the evening. You can use this product after swimming or drying the skin with a towel for the clarity and softness of the skin.

Creams are rich in many vitamin F-factors in the environment that cause blemishes and darkening of the skin throughout our lives, the most common of which are the sun, aging, taking certain medications and even heredity, but to be able to minimize the effect of these factors, you can ‌ Trust the science of Iranian dermatologists. Siegel Herbal Brightening Cream protects your skin against harmful natural factors and removes skin blemishes by strengthening skin rejuvenation and rapid absorption, and according to these experts, your skin will become clearer and brighter after 3 months.


Of course, beauty market experts also believe that the vitamins A, C, and E used in the composition of this cream counteract your premature aging and in addition to transparency, help maintain moisture and skin rejuvenation. As a result, it stabilizes moisture on the surface of the skin.

Method of Use

Apply this brightening serum day and night on clean skin of the face and use moisturizer to make it more lasting and effective.

A brightening of ice cream and white berries, the color and spirit of women’s face without makeup is often the result of vitamin deficiency and poor blood circulation of skin cells. On the other hand, if you always have the necessary care in your schedule, your skin will be clear, healthy and young for a long time. Dechlorination Night Cream with special ingredients such as ice flower extract, white mulberry leaf extract and pearl flower greatly enhances the natural regeneration process of the skin during the night and maintains its freshness with high durability and gives it a new color.


To the extent that, according to dermatologists in the beauty market, the effective and active combination of this cream will lighten and whiten your skin in a short time. These compounds also fade blemishes, freckles and pimples or sores and eliminate colorless spots on the face. This cream is also designed for all skin types and with its soft and moisturizing properties, soothes the skin at night, and as a result, the next morning you will have energetic, colorful and soulful faces.

Method of Use

Apply this cream on your face every night after cleansing the skin and massage it on the blemished or dark areas until it is absorbed.

Wear armor against blemishes. The skin tends to become dull and small and large spots appear on it. The initial consequences of aging are a warning for more and better care of our facial skin. Warnings that are taken seriously to ensure your beauty and youth. Selecting and using multi-purpose creams means marking with a double arrow. In addition to removing blemishes on the face, these creams also have anti-wrinkle and anti-sunburn properties.


With its properties of oyster, solar water and energizing minerals, “White Repair Master Cream” cream makes the most sensitive skin resistant to discoloration and dark spots and relieves inflammation and small grains caused by it. According to experts, in lightening creams, the property of preventing the formation of dark spots on the skin is very important. Therefore, try to use creams such as my master that have good resistance to UV, in addition to lightening the skin, it also has the necessary prevention of freckles.

Method of Use

For this cream to be effective on the skin, use it under sunscreen day and night after cleansing your skin.

With radiant Chinese medicine, skin with all kinds of materials and colors in order to be able to show good resistance to external factors, must have special nutrition and care. Herbs, vitamins, or any other factor that energizes the skin and aids in rejuvenating metabolism will definitely have the ideal ingredients of a cream. Lancome energizing and brightening cream is prepared according to the formulas of traditional Chinese medicine and consists of the root extract of three types of Chinese herbs.


This cream will have a significant effect on repairing and brightening skin color by increasing the function of active skin genes and nourishing compounds. Beauty experts believe that the Chinese herbs combined in this cream have a special help in removing toxins from the skin and by revitalizing the skin cells and increasing the production of the required proteins, shorten and smooth your way to have a fresh, smooth and clear skin. In addition, in the conclusions made about this cream, consumers of this product have expressed 90% satisfaction with its use.

Method of Use

Apply the lightening cream day and night with a rotating massage on the clean and desired parts of the face to be completely absorbed by the skin.

Olive Extract Brightener When dark and deformed pimples are not found on the face and neck, we may think less about preventing or caring for our perfect skin, but with the first signs of blemishes and darkening of the skin, our work becomes almost more difficult. Covering them, we must also think about preventing their growth and destroying them. Of course, the anti-dandruff and lightening serum of “Kadeli” skin has made this easy.


According to dermatologists, this serum, which is taken from the best properties of olives, is fat-free and, with the approval of dermatologists around the world and without causing any sensitivity to the skin or to the sun’s rays, brightens the skin and treats dark spots. . In addition, its non-greasy properties keep you safe from any kind of irritating interactions. According to consumers, this serum, after less than three months of use, harmonizes and clarifies your skin and prevents the return of blemishes and dark skin.

Method of Use

Use this product (morning and night) on face, neck and hands. You can use your daily sunscreen or moisturizer after using this serum.

Use the extract of all the flowers. Prolonged exposure of all of us to the sun, lamps or halogens used in the spaces where we are, makes our skin very susceptible to blemishes and dull skin, but because the effect of these factors to To minimize, we need to go for creams that have all the effective properties. Knox Liquid & Rejuvenating Liquid Cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

According to dermatologists, herbal ingredients such as clock flower extract, wild boar flower and poppy protect your skin cells. Marigold flowers and olive leaves also help to clear the skin to reduce blemishes and dark spots. In addition, this cream contains other extracts such as the root of the rare plant “Maca”, which is very effective in increasing blood circulation in the skin and reducing blemishes and dark circles on the skin. This brightener is suitable for all skin types and will make your dark and dull skin clear and fresh over time.

Method of Use

Apply the lightening cream on your face in the morning at home or under makeup before leaving the house. It is better to renew this cream in the evenings for more effect on the skin.

Source: Green Apple Magazine

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