Investigating the causes of Bell’s disease

What do you know about Bell’s disease? This condition is often mistaken for a stroke. Paralysis of the seventh nerve in the brain causes the face to stretch to one side and the mouth to tilt. The appearance of this disease is very similar to cerebral palsy, but it is different from it. It is a treatment and it is very different from a stroke. Hear more explanations from experts.

Bell’s is a viral illness that is often mistaken for a stroke. This disease causes paralysis of one of the facial nerves and stretching and tilting of the face to one side.

According to IRNA, most people confuse Bell’s disease with a stroke and are shocked by the slightest change in the appearance of their face and think that they have suffered a stroke.
This misconception originates from the fact that the symptoms of Bell’s disease are very similar to a stroke, while there is no relationship between these two diseases.
This disease affects people of all ages and is also seen in children.
The most important complication of Bell’s disease is the tilting of the patient’s face. Such a patient’s mouth is crooked or too stiff or hangs in a direction that makes it difficult for the patient to move the mouth, nose or eyelids.
In some cases, the patient’s eyelids are damaged and dry, so that the patient is unable to close his eyelids, and the patient is deprived of the possibility to sleep.
Bell’s disease occurs due to damage to the 7th cranial nerve (which stimulates the facial muscles) in the patient.
This nerve controls the muscles that raise the eyebrows, the muscles near the eyes, the muscles that cause smiling, and the muscles that cause the patient’s mouth to open and close.
The seventh cranial nerve is also responsible for transmitting sensation from the front of the tongue, controlling facial sweat glands and tear ducts.
We talked about Bell’s disease with Dr. Masoud Mehrpour, a cerebrovascular specialist, and inquired about the causes of the disease.
This cerebrovascular specialist doctor said about Bell’s disease: Bell’s disease is not a stroke and has nothing to do with stroke.
Dr. Masoud Mehrpour, in an interview with IRNA reporter, added: Fortunately, Bell’s disease is treatable and the course of this disease is short-term. Of course, in a few patients, the treatment period is prolonged.
He stated: Bell’s disease occurs with inflammation of the facial nerve and may cause paralysis of the entire face or one side of the patient’s face at once and suddenly. This disease may even involve the patient’s eyelid so that the patient cannot close his eyelid for months.
He emphasized: Bell’s disease can be diagnosed by a doctor in the first few minutes of its onset and usually occurs temporarily.
Mehrpour stated that the main cause of Bell’s disease is unknown and said: usually this disease occurs when a virus is activated in the body, and people whose herpes virus is more active in their body are more susceptible to this disease. But this does not mean that other people will not get this disease. This disease may affect any susceptible person.
This cerebrovascular specialist doctor added: Bell’s disease may be caused by some diseases, lesions and masses, MS or cancer in the body, and all these factors should be investigated in the patient.
This doctor also stated that ear pain is one of the early symptoms of this disease.
Mehrpour emphasized: If patients are treated in the first two or three days of Bell’s disease, facial paralysis usually returns within 3 to 6 weeks and recovery is achieved.
This doctor answered the question whether it is possible to do something for the patient in the first minutes of the incident or not? He said: In the case of Bell’s disease and facial paralysis, taking any measures to reduce the disease is not effective, but since this disease has symptoms similar to a stroke, it is necessary to examine the patient in the first few minutes.
Mehrpour continued: Of course, in a very limited number of people, due to unknown reasons, this disease persists for a long time, and the number of these patients is very small.
Referring to the patients suffering from dry eyelids, this cerebrovascular super-specialist added: People who have problems with their eyelids due to Bell’s disease and cannot close, should take great care of their eyes and sleep at night. Be sure to close the eyes even with glue so that the eyes do not suffer from dryness and corneal ulcers.
He continued: Such patients must also use artificial tear drops so that the eyelids are not damaged during the treatment.
This cerebrovascular specialist doctor said: This disease can only be controlled by prescribing corten and acupuncture can be effective in the rehabilitation of the patient to some extent.

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22 September 1395 22:30

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