Investigating the causes of vaginal discharge and its treatment methods

The vagina is one of the most sensitive sexual organs in women. Many disorders threaten vaginal health, including sexually transmitted diseases. But in this article, we intend to examine a disorder that is often not taken seriously but is very sensitive; Wind coming out of the vagina! Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

Vaginal discharge can occur naturally or as a result of an illness. Learn about the causes of vaginal flatulence and ways to treat it.

What are the reasons for the wind coming out of the vagina?

Vaginal gas (queefing) is a condition in which air is trapped inside the vagina. When the gas is trapped inside the vagina, it finally comes out of the vagina with a sound similar to abdominal wind. This is usually normal and is rarely a sign of acute health problems. However, sometimes this condition can be a sign of an abnormal condition and needs to be checked and treated. In this article because of this issue and “When will you need to follow up and treat it?” we will pay.

What causes wind to come out of the vagina?

There are several reasons that cause gas to leak out Vagina It is possible and you need to be familiar with them and know when to see a doctor. Some of the causes of this complication are as follows:


Sexual activity is one of the main reasons for this phenomenon. Moving the penis back and forth inside the vagina can cause air to enter the vaginal canal and gas to collect. When the muscles inside your vagina contract due to orgasm or when the penis is pulled out of the vagina, the gas is released from inside the vagina and discharged. This evacuation can be accompanied by noise and foaming. Oral sex With the vagina, it can also trap air.

Dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles:

Exercise: Your movements during exercise trap air inside the vagina.

Vaginal fistula:

A vaginal fistula is an abnormal cavity in the genital area that forms between the vagina and another internal organ of the abdomen or pelvic organs. This complication is a hidden cause that is not directly related to your sexual activity. There are several types of vaginal fistulas; The type of fistula is determined by the location of the hole or gap inside the vagina and which organ it is in contact with.

The most common type of vaginal fistula seen is a vaginal fistula called a vesicovaginal fistula. The hole created by this fistula is between the bladder and the vagina.

If the discharge from the vagina is accompanied by a pungent odor or patches of stool, it can be a sign of a colovaginal fistula; Dangerous condition in which a gap is created between the vagina and the colon. This fistula can be caused by surgery, during childbirth, some diseases (such as Crohn’s disease) and.. The presence of this fistula can also lead to a urinary tract infection.

Ways to prevent wind from coming out of the vagina

There is no exact way to prevent this from happening because it is a sign of another condition or Sex is. However, doing Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and be effective.

When to see a doctor?

There is no need to worry if the discharge from the vagina is due to sexual intercourse. But in the voice that this complication occurs when you do not have sex and you are almost certain that air coming out of your vagina can be a cause other than Sexual contact See your doctor. Your doctor can determine if you have vaginal fistula or any other condition. Sometimes treatment for a fistula requires surgery.

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