Investigating the nutritional value of different peas

Peas are one of the most useful vegetables that dear mothers are advised to include in their children’s meals from childhood.

Child nutrition and health

As you know, every year peas and beans enter the market at the same time. These two are in the group of vegetables and in a way, by being placed next to other vegetables, they complete this food group, but with the difference that one should be careful while eating one, but the other should not be neglected. Especially for your beloved child who may have some special sensitivities.

You have definitely heard the term “favism” by now
A seasonal, hereditary and nutritional disease that occurs due to eating fresh and frozen green beans and manifests itself in some children between the ages of 1 and 5 years, whose symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, yellowing of the whites of the eyes, yellowing of the skin and The color of the urine will be blood, of course, it is interesting to know that sometimes even the smell of beans and touching them by children may be problematic for them and may show the symptoms of favism in them. Be careful not to use it again in your child’s meal plan. But besides the beans mentioned above, it is necessary to mention another food item that can be included in the children’s meal plan without any worries.

“Peas” for the beauty of food
In addition to being delicious, peas are a great treasure of nutrients, which are very useful not only for adults but also for children’s health.

If you want to fill your child’s vitamin C tank, don’t forget to eat peas because they are rich in vitamin C and are a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B3. It also has iron and many minerals.

Half a cup of cleaned peas, which means about 90 grams, provides 50% of your child’s daily need for vitamin C, which is not only very effective in increasing the energy and health of children, but also in the growth of body tissues, cartilage and tendons. And because of its abundant fiber, it prevents constipation in children.

The use of peas in various dishes

Today, unfortunately, many people do not consider peas to be part of food and compared to beans, they do not pay any attention to peas. They think that peas can only be used for soup, but they are willing to keep the beans in frozen form and use them only for bean pilaf.

While, besides the many properties that can be seen in peas, it can be used in the preparation of different foods and it can be used in cooking, and by using it, it gives a special beauty to different foods.

Most children are very fond of pasta, so you can add peas to it along with the pasta ingredients and use it in alwieh salad and even in pasta salad with green onions.

If you make a vegetable cake for your child, then include peas along with colored bell peppers in it so that it gets a more beautiful shape and color and makes the delicious taste of peas more appealing.

You, dear mother, can replace the chickpeas that you have made many times and brew it in the same way. Or if you are interested in making a delicious food for your child, do not neglect the peas inside.

It will definitely make it tastier with carrots and potatoes, but apart from such dishes that you can prepare using peas, never forget its simple cooking.

Cook some peas with water and add a very small amount of salt. After cooking and running out of water inside it, flavor it with a little lemon juice and flower petals. Replace this type of prepared peas instead of a bunch of snacks that don’t have much effect, no doubt the kids will love it.

Be sure to keep one or two points in mind when buying peas:
– The peas you choose must be soft, velvety, green and transparent.
– Avoid buying green peas that are very light or yellow and puffy.

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