Investigating the reasons why women do not enjoy sex enough

In this section, we will examine the causes and reasons why some women do not enjoy sex enough. You can read full explanations about sexual dysfunction in women below. Some women really want to be able to enjoy sex. Well, it is also a natural thing, but it does not happen so easily for many people.

Enjoying sexual intercourse can be physical in some cases, psychological in some cases, and both apply to some. If any of these are not fulfilled, it may make the woman or the wife feel isolated and cause them to be far away from each other. So the importance of these plays a fundamental role in the marriage bond.

What doctors of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is called, it may happen for 5 reasons:

1. Low level of libido or lack of sexual desire (HSDD).

2. Painful intercourse. Pain during intercourse can be caused by hormone deficiency due to vaginal atrophy after menopause or vaginal burning and pain syndrome.

3. Difficulty in arousal. Sexual arousal disorder can be caused by the genital area (it occurs in the same area in men) or brain levels (the disorder in this area is more true in women).

4. Avoiding sexual contact. This often happens when a person has a memory of sexual abuse.

5. Inability to reach orgasm. More than 10 to 20 percent of women never reach orgasm, and many others have difficulty reaching this stage. But there are treatments in this field.

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Reasons why women do not enjoy sex

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