Investigating the sexual behaviors of couples

Sexual problems in married life are best solved by couples talking and understanding each other, and there are common problems common among Iranian couples. The good news is that if sexual problems are limited to organic problems, they are easier to diagnose and treat.

The best: A sexual behaviorist said about sexual problems between couples: we should pay attention to the fact that sex is a two-way street and the culprit should not be sought. Blaming and looking for the culprit complicates these problems between couples. Dr. Effat Sadat Merghati Khoii, pointing out that it is possible for a couple to face sexual problems

“Refer to a specialist in the field of sex has increased in their lives today,” he said. , Determines beliefs and prejudices about sexual issues. Some people believe that they should not seek help for their sexual problems

Because sex is considered a very private matter, others believe that the sexual problem is solved spontaneously and leave it to sexual nature and the passage of time, some believe that it should be made and no one can solve their problem. I must say that all these beliefs are somehow false!

The sexual behaviorist said: “Of course, sometimes employees and health care providers avoid raising issues and helping people with sexual problems because they are not comfortable with sexual issues; And are deeply troubled by the subject matter; Or they do not have enough knowledge and skills in this field.

Statistically, studies have shown that the prevalence of sexual problems during the life of women is 68% and in the life of men is 54%. Therefore, according to these statistics, Iranian couples cannot be considered an exception and without sexual problems during their lives! It is natural that with increasing age and marital life, and life events of each couple increases the number, severity and severity of sexual problems.

Dr. Merghati Khoii further stated: We should not forget that the foundation of marriage and interpersonal relationships in that marriage is determined by emotions, love, affection, companionship and empathy, not just genital sex! So whenever couples notice the decline or reduction of one of those principles and factors, they will most likely have to wait for sexual problems of any kind.

Because pleasant sex and as a factor and guarantor of good and enjoyable relationships between couples, is the only product and consequence of a sincere, close, emotional and romantic relationship between husband and wife. In this case, even if one of the couples finds an organic sexual problem in a way that did not function properly, the body of the marriage and its strength will not be damaged much.

“Sexual problems and couples are not necessarily similar to each other,” he said, emphasizing that sexual problems and disorders are similar to humans and come in many shapes, sizes and types. Experiencing a sexual problem does not mean that the person has a problem, but it is something that can happen at any stage of a person’s life for a reason and sometimes even without a reason.

Because people have learned that a problem in the sexual organs causes sexual disorders, until the sexual organs do not find a problem, people do not recognize other problems and naturally do not seek help from the competent authorities. The good news is that if sexual problems are limited to organic problems

Both diagnosis and treatment are easier. For example, erectile problems in men are easily diagnosed, and because the causative factors are known, the therapist hopes to be able to help the patient. Therefore, couples are strongly advised to: With the occurrence of any communication problem, be sure to seek help from competent authorities and experts in the field of sex and marriage.

And assess the possibility of adverse effects of their bad sex on the current problem. Couples do not have to wait for a sexual problem to get worse. Like other aspects of their lives that they strive to improve and improve, they should seek help from expert counselors in their sexual life. Do not forget that prevention is better than cure!

“If you have any concerns about sexual responses and performance, be sure to see a sex therapist right away;” Because neglecting sexual function problems not only makes it difficult to treat in the long run, but also its negative impact on one’s self-esteem and interpersonal relationships with one’s spouse complicates matters.

I insist that couples, despite having a functional sexual problem, do not consider it a fault of the person and do not blame the person for the occurrence of this problem and do not blame him for the functional disorder, because sexual dysfunction, like other diseases, occurs for biological reasons. The person does not interfere.

In his last piece of advice to couples, he said: “The serious issue is that couples turn to specialists as soon as they become dissatisfied and disrupt the general relationship between them; Because the relationship between the couple and sexual relations form a circle and cycle that the shapes in each part of this circle can make marital life difficult and challenging.

To see a counselor or therapist, couples should talk to each other about the problem, look at the lenses and glasses separately without blaming the other, and try to come to a common conclusion about the causes and roots, and then Come together to solve that problem. Do not forget that every sexual problem in marriage has two ends! Therefore, sexual problems must be solved by both people.

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