Investigation of therapeutic properties of barberry and olive

What do you know about the nutritional value and properties of green and black olives? What benefits do these foods bring to our health? Strengthening the stomach, burning, treating shortness of breath and lung diseases, mouth sores, and curing eye ulcers. Among the therapeutic benefits of consuming these foods are: It is considered that barberry also has many therapeutic properties, which are useful for removing blockage of hepatic ducts and cold, relieving bile, blood, thirst, heat of stomach and liver.

The best olives are ripe green olives that have been grown in water and salt. If olive is eaten with food, it strengthens the stomach. Eating too much of it by hot drinkers will cause the mixture to burn.


Ripe black olives with seeds are useful for treating shortness of breath and lung diseases. Poultry of its leaves is considered useful for healing skin, eye sores and warm swellings, and chewing its leaves for mouth sores.

Fresh black olives on an olive branch photos, pictures & images.

Its oil is known as a strong laxative and its enema is useful for inflammatory and obstructive colitis, back pain and joint pain. Lubricating the body with olive oil is useful for cold pains and it is considered to remove the stench of the mixture and tonic for the organs. Oil on the head with olive oil makes the hair healthy and prevents it from falling.

Barberry relieves bile, blood, thirst, stomach and liver heat. This seasoning is known to strengthen the heart, liver and warm stomach. Using it alone or together with warm medicines such as cinnamon and honey, etc., is useful for strengthening the cold and wet liver and opening the obstruction of the hepatic ducts and the coldness of the viscera. Barberry juice prevents nausea and vomiting. Its high consumption is harmful for cold-tempered, phlegmatic people and during pregnancy.


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