Is it possible to treat autoimmune disease with homeopathy?

Autoimmune treatment and homeopathy

One of the users has asked whether autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism or thyroid related diseases such as hyperactivity and hypoactivity can be treated with homeopathy or not?

Dr. Mehrdad Akhwanbehbahani, a neurologist and neuroscientist and distinguished member of the Homeopathy Society, answers this question in an interview with Salamaneh:

Autoimmune or autoimmune disease

Autoimmune diseases They are the result of improper and unbridled functioning of our immune system. In these diseases, a person’s immune system mistakenly recognizes the own tissues as enemies and starts destroying them. Unfortunately, these diseases are very numerous and widespread.

Almost all body tissues are susceptible to this disease. Below is a list of these diseases; Hashimoto’s or autoimmune thyroiditis Scleroderma or involvement of respiratory, digestive, eye and skin mucous membranes, dermatomyositis (autoimmune disease of muscles), autoimmune hepatitis, IBD or autoimmune involvement of the small intestine and large intestine, hemolytic anemia (inclusion of red blood cells and causing anemia, ITP or destruction of platelets and Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune involvement of joints).

Among these diseases, lupus is the most dangerous autoimmune disease due to the simultaneous involvement of all body cells, especially the kidneys. In common medicine, immunosuppressive drugs are used to control and suppress the immune system. These drugs are very good and life-saving in their kind, because they save the patient’s life and quickly improve the annoying symptoms.

Among them, corten is the most widely used immunosuppressant drug, but even so, these drugs usually have very bad side effects for the patient. An increase in the rate and severity of infectious diseases, numerous digestive problems, edema and obesity are among these unwanted effects. But the main problem of these drugs is their inability to fully treat autoimmune diseases.

Complementary treatment in autoimmune disease

At homeopathy Also, there is no claim of definitive and complete treatment of these diseases, but progress has been made in this field. homeopathy It tries to identify the underlying disorder as much as possible and provide a solution for treatment with the help of finding the personality and physical structure of the patient. Today, homeopathy is used as Complementary treatment in autoimmune diseases It has brought good and valuable experiences.

For this purpose, the patient does not need to stop his chemical drugs, and the homeopathic doctor tries in two aspects; Reducing the physical and mental side effects of the disease and immunosuppressant drugs and helping to treat the disease, reducing the severity and number of relapse attacks and reducing the patient’s need to take a large number of chemical drugs play an active role in the treatment of the patient.


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