Is it true that fish brain is food?

Eating just one serving of fish, of any kind, makes the brain more healthy. When we eat fish, the gray area of ​​the brain increases. In the past, researchers believed that because fish has omega-3, it is good for the brain, but the latest research that was conducted at the university Pittsburgh, USA, states that eating any kind of fish, regardless of how much omega-3 it has, is good for the brain.

Also, those who eat fish have bigger brains in the areas related to memory and consciousness.
Dr. James Becker, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said about this: “Our study shows that people who eat boiled or grilled fish, not fried, have larger brains in areas related to memory and alertness. We did not find a relationship between the amount of omega-3 and these changes in the brain, which surprised us a little.”
Scientists say that lifestyle, such as eating fish, has more of an effect on fundamental changes in the brain than biological factors.

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30 September 1393 17:29

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