Is massage good for dry skin?

You may be surprised that massage affects the skin. Massage can affect all parts of the body, including your skin. In addition, massage is a stress reliever. If you have a skin disease, it can help you a lot because massage increases blood flow and improves the skin. to be

Dry facial skin is very painful and you definitely don’t want to appear in public with dry skin. So read this article to treat dry facial skin with massage.

Treat dry facial skin with massage

Look at your face. Are all parts of your skin dry or some parts or very few parts of the face?

If your whole face is dry, gently massage the facial skin with your fingertips. Before the massage, it is better to splash a handful of warm water on the face so that the facial pores are opened and you can massage better.


You can use a combination of honey and sugar. Make sure that the amount of sugar is more than honey. Using this mixture, massage the skin of the face.

Treat dry facial skin with massage

You can massage the facial skin using a heated towel.

After the massage, apply water on your face again and dry some of the wetness with a soft towel, so that the moisture of the skin remains.

Keep your face moisturized by using moisturizing lotions and of course not massaging the skin (otherwise it will peel) and a cotton ball.

You can use Vaseline instead of lotion in the previous step.

Drink plenty of water daily. Dry skin needs water.

Tips and Warnings

Massage on the skin should not be firm, because it causes itching.

One of the signs that the body needs more water is the yellowing of the urine. Clear urine is a sign of adequate water in the body.

Use sunscreen to prevent your skin from drying out.


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