Is there a hormone of love and loyalty?

The love hormone is a hormone that prevents sexual promiscuity. Having this hormone in people creates love and loyalty towards the spouse. Those who do not have this hormone in their body have many partners for sex. “Oxytocin” and “vasopressin” are two hormones that cause love and loyalty in people.

The presence of these hormones makes sex not only limited to reproduction, but also creates an emotional relationship in humans.

He stated: “Bonobo” monkeys show diversity in their sexual behavior and have sex with many female monkeys, but the question is why humans, despite having genes similar to monkeys, show less sexual diversity during their lifetime. Gives?

He stated: There are animals like rats that do not choose more than one mate throughout their life, and if their mate is lost, they continue to live without a mate for the rest of their lives. He said: Scientific research on this type of mice shows that if the hormone oxytocin is not secreted in them, they will have different sexual partners.

He added: Research has also shown that when humans spray the hormone oxytocin through the nasal mucosa, it will be limited to one sexual partner, and the desire to establish a relationship with multiple sexual partners will disappear. He added: Love makes a person not want to have multiple sexual partners, as a result of which the probability of getting sexually transmitted infections will decrease and he will have a longer life.

This neurologist said: Humans are one of the few mammals whose child needs his help to continue living, and the preservation and survival of the baby also helps the survival of love in humans.

21 December 1392 21:31

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