Is there a risk of blood clots in the legs?


DVT is a disease that occurs due to blood clots in the legs and as a result slows down blood circulation in the damaged arteries, which is especially common in people who are not physically active or the elderly, pregnant women and patients with blood disorders. Are arise

A blood clot (thrombosis) causes blood flow to slow down and the area to become swollen, red and painful. If blood clots move to the lungs, obstructive pulmonary blood flow (blocked arteries in the lungs) occurs and can cause serious respiratory problems.

The causes of this disease are prolonged bed rest (more than three days), after surgery (under anesthesia for more than 30 minutes), smoking, being overweight, long travel by air or car, use of anti-inflammatory pills Pregnancy and some estrogen replacement therapies and personal or family history of blood clotting problems increase the risk of DVT.

The symptoms of this disease are pain, tenderness, warmth, swelling and redness, and he added: Of course, there may be no signs and symptoms at the beginning of this disease.

Imenifar described the immediate treatment of this disease as immediate injection of blood thinner (heparin) to prevent the increase of clots and added: “Blood thinner pills (warfarin) are suitable for the treatment of this disease to prevent the clots from getting bigger.” And new clots form.

In addition to taking medication, do not forget to exercise and if they sit a lot, walk and stretch their legs.

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