Is there a treatment for black knees and elbows?

In this section, we talk about complete information about removing the blackness of knees and elbows. Is there a treatment method or not? What is the cause of their blackness and we will introduce some creams to whiten the blackness of the knees

The problem is the blackness of the knees and elbows, a common problem that bothers many women to the point that they can’t wear the clothes they want even at home or among other women, because the blackness of the knees and elbows attracts more attention than anything else and spoils their feminine beauty. enters Here, we have tried to examine this problem from different aspects, that is, first talk about its causes and then offer different medical and non-medical solutions to improve this condition. will provide

Which laser helps to remove darkness?

The use of laser in the treatment of skin darkening should be done very carefully; The only laser that can lighten the skin without complications is the N-dyag laser. With this laser, dark spots disappear within 7-20 days, of course, depending on the amount of darkness, different times are required to remove black spots, that is, the darker the darkness, the more time the laser needs to be repeated.

Why elbows and knees turn black

Failure to observe hygiene: Failure to observe hygiene and the accumulation of dead cells in the elbow and knee areas can be one of the causes of darkening of the skin in this area, especially in children.

Constant friction: Elbows and knees are the areas that are most exposed to the environment and friction with clothes, sofas, carpets, tables, etc., and these frequent and continuous injuries cause the skin in these areas to increase in thickness and darken them.

Sitting on the knees and leaning on the elbows: the pressure and friction caused by these movements increases the thickness and darkness of the knees and elbows.

Too much contact with sunlight: Those who have a lot of contact with sunlight and these areas are exposed to the sun, due to the production of more melanin, the skin takes on a dark appearance.

Dry skin: Dryness makes the skin more prone to darkening. The skin of the knees and elbows has less sebaceous (fat) glands than other parts of the body, so it is more likely to dry out.

Some diseases: including Addison’s syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are among the causes of skin darkening in these areas.


With the help of doctors

If you want to whiten your knees and elbows in a short time, you can ask your doctor to do microdermabrasion for you, which is a physical peeling. Also, chemical peels with TCA or glycolic acid, which are performed in the doctor’s office, also help to brighten the skin and increase the absorption and penetration of lightening drugs. There is another method called microporation, in which anti-blemish drugs enter deep into the skin through electrical channels created with a microporation device and exert their effect. If for any reason you did not get results from these methods or could not prepare them, it is better to try home methods and the use of natural compounds.

If you are not in a hurry to get white

If you have sensitive skin and are not in a hurry to whiten your skin, we suggest you go for lightening creams containing hydroquinone that can help lighten your skin. (Although it may take up to 3 months for them to take effect). Of course, remember that incorrect and long-term use of this drug can cause non-uniform color changes in the skin, and for this reason, some doctors combine this drug with other drugs such as tretinoin, azalelic acid, or kojic acid to create better results.

7 types of effective creams to remove darkness of the knee

1. Creams containing AHA and salicylic acid: These compounds in oily creams, if they are made, help brighten the skin.

2. Keratolytic creams: These creams thin the stratum corneum and prevent thickening and darkening of the skin in this area.

3. Creams containing 5 to 10% urea: by penetrating the deep layers of the skin, it softens it and makes peeling easier.

4. Lightening creams or gels: These products are made from ingredients such as lactic acid, licorice extract, kojic acid, alpha arbutin extract, emblica powder, pen oil tree butter, primrose oil and grapefruit extract, which can lighten your knees in 2 Turn on for 3 weeks.

5. Scrub or abrasive creams: These creams are suitable for removing dead skin, although you must remember that it should not be worn daily because it can damage the skin and even darken it.

6. Mild steroid creams: when the reason for dryness and flaking is eczema, but it is better to see a doctor in this situation.

7. Moisturizing creams: after wearing the area and bathing, be sure to apply moisturizing cream on the desired area, use it at night before going to bed; Remember that it is necessary to use a moisturizer after the treatment to prevent darkening again.


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