It is useful to eat food after exercise

When you come out of the gym, you are tired and you want to have a cold drink or a light meal. But as you must have heard, you should not eat fatty and sweet foods immediately after exercise. But here we have introduced some snacks that are not only good to eat after exercise, but we also recommend that you definitely eat them. They are rich in protein and carbohydrates, which are necessary for muscles and strengthening the body.

1. Fried chicken

Chicken is a rich source of protein and other nutrients such as niacin and vitamin B needed for carbohydrate metabolism. Brown rice also has more nutrients than white rice. After exercising and coming from the gym, you like to eat sweet foods. But since sugar is harmful to the human body and health, you can use foods that supply glucose to your muscles again. Among them, we can mention fried chicken and brown rice. For a better taste of this dish, you can use a variety of steamed vegetables.

2. Hummus with pita bread

Many nutrition guides emphasize that you should cut out meat from time to time and replace it with nutritious alternatives. Hummus is one of the best meat substitutes. This dish is made from chickpeas, sesame oil and chickpeas and is rich in nutrients, protein and carbohydrates. To complete the vitamins of this dish, eat it with pita bread made from wheat.

3. Bagels with peanut butter

Beagle bread is actually a ring-shaped and hard bread whose dough is boiled before cooking. Wheat bagel bread is high in calories and high in carbohydrates. Eating wheat bread with peanut butter contains all the minerals needed by the body such as potassium and electrolytes needed for muscle contractions.

Oil and fat should not be consumed after exercise, this substance slows down the absorption of other nutrients. But it is recommended to use unsaturated oils, such as the oil found in peanut butter, so that testosterone, a hormone that is necessary for protein absorption, remains in the body.

4. Dried fruit and nuts

For those times when you want a snack after the gym, you can fill your bag with dried fruits and nuts. Consuming dried fruits after the gym will provide your body with the necessary protein. At the same time, they also cause temporary satiety. These fruits contain simple carbohydrates and are easily digested and provide the necessary glycogen for muscles.

5. Tuna and wheat crackers

Crackers are sugar-free biscuits. Wheat crackers are one of the best snacks that can be eaten after a hard and tiring workout. Tuna is also low in fat and full of protein and omega-3, which are good for the body. Put some tuna fish on crackers and eat this simple and delicious snack without using mayonnaise, by adding a few drops of lime. If you like it a lot, add mustard and olive oil to it.

6. Salmon, mashed potatoes and salad

Like tuna, salmon is also a source of protein and omega-3. Along with the salmon, eat mashed potatoes that are rich in starch. If you like to try a different taste, use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, which are rich in vitamins and proteins. To enjoy your snack, put a bowl full of salad with green vegetables next to your plate.

7. Corn flakes and milk

Cornflakes are actually a rolled cereal that tastes great with milk. Eating a bowl of cornflakes with milk after exercise is a filling and nutritious meal. The cereal sheets in this snack are rich in protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins necessary for the body.

8. Egg white and spinach omelette

Eggs are rich in protein. The protein in eggs is very complete, and for this reason, this small food is considered a complete food source. Eggs should be consumed for body growth. If you have seen the cartoon Papaya, you will see how he gets energy from a can of spinach. Spinach is rich in nutrients, iron and a type of steroid that increases the growth of muscles in the body. To prepare this omelet, you have to mix egg white with milk and spinach and fry it in a pan.

9. Fruit smoothies

Drinks are digested much faster than food and are easier to eat. At the same time, they are absorbed by the body better and faster. In order to have a complete and nutritious drink, it is better to make a fruit smoothie. To prepare this smoothie, mix fruits such as mango, banana and melon, which are rich in potassium, with yogurt or soy milk. This smoothie is very nourishing for the muscles.

10. Chocolate milk

It may seem strange to you that after burning calories we leave the gym and drink chocolate milk. It is also surprising. But we do not mean ordinary chocolate milk. You should consume chocolate milk that is low in fat and high in protein. Chocolate milk, which has 48 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein, is the best option to drink.

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