It is very important to consume walnuts during pregnancy

It is better for pregnant women to include walnuts in their meals and to use one walnut daily and include them in their food. Walnuts increase the health of pregnant women, maintain the health and beauty of the skin of pregnant women’s abdomen, and also increase the intelligence and memory of the fetus, so if you have a child If you want to be smart, you must eat walnuts.

A researcher of traditional medicine said: If pregnant women eat a walnut a day, after giving birth the skin of their abdomen will maintain its beauty.

Mohammad Mariya said about increasing the health of pregnant women: Women should eat regularly and according to their appetite during pregnancy, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain folic acid is very useful for pregnant women.

According to him, caffeine-containing foods should be very limited during pregnancy. Mild hypothyroidism during pregnancy leads to a significant decrease in intelligence in children. Also, during pregnancy, because the mother’s need for iron increases, and it cannot be supplied through food alone, so consumption Oats or oats in the form of porridge or almond milk help supply iron.

This traditional medicine researcher added: Pregnant women who eat a lot of cooked turnips during pregnancy, their children grow better and faster, walk faster and talk faster, and are more resistant to various diseases.

Mariya said: If pregnant women eat a walnut a day, then the skin of their abdomen will maintain its beauty during childbirth. Also, eating peaches is very useful for increasing the beauty of the baby.

He pointed out: Consuming sea fish with spices and garlic helps to increase the child’s intelligence, of course, it should be consumed in balance.

This traditional medicine researcher continued: To reduce nausea in pregnancy, eating wholemeal bread before getting out of bed is very helpful. Eating a light breakfast including wholemeal bread with honey or cooked grains helps a pregnant woman a lot.

18 September 1395 22:00

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