Kidney cancer is the most deadly disease of the urinary tract

Kidney cancer is one of the most deadly diseases of the genital tract. The most important and first sign of this cancer is the presence of blood in the urine, which is diagnosed by testing and in a laboratory. Unfortunately, most people do not pay attention to this.

Mohammad Reza Norouzi, a kidney and urinary tract specialist, stated: Vague abdominal symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, side pain, and in advanced cases, a feeling of a lump in the side, are other symptoms of kidney cancer in a person.

The kidney and urinary tract specialist said about how to diagnose kidney cancer: “After testing and sonography, a lesion is diagnosed in the patient’s kidney. If it is in the advanced stages, the whole kidney should be removed, but if it is in the size that Part of the kidney can be removed, the rest of the kidney can be preserved for the patient.

“Kidney cancer is pathologically different, there are some tumors inside the kidney that are not fatal,” he said.

Some of these are of vascular origin and others are the origin of cells that proliferate but are not malignant. Distinguishing between benign and malignant tumors is a problem that is done with advanced imaging and sometimes with biopsy by a specialist.

Nowruzi pointed out: Kidney cancer is seen in half of the cases when it has spread to other parts of the body such as bones, liver or lungs;

In some cases, the cancer has spread to the intestine, which is located near the kidney, in which case, unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for this disease, and the treatments that are performed only slightly increase the patient’s life.

He stressed: “The best way to deal with this disease and control it is to pay attention to suspicious symptoms such as vague abdominal pain or the presence of blood in the urine, and if necessary, ultrasound and other advanced imaging should be done as soon as possible.”

The kidney and urinary tract specialist also warned that people exposed to tobacco, especially those who smoke a lot, are at higher risk for kidney cancer.

Nowruzi added: “This disease is seen in the fourth and fifth decades of life and is not a very common cancer, but it is on the list of deadly cancers.”

“This cancer is slightly more common in men than women because they smoke more than women and see a doctor later,” he said.

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