Know everything about kidney failure disease

Office infections in children lead to kidney diseases

Chronic renal failure In children in the early stages, with regular measurements of height and weight growth, Blood pressure measurement And urine and blood tests can be detected.
Kidneys can be described as two miraculous organs that keep humans alive, and if they gradually lose their function, chronic failure results.

kidney function Excretion of toxic substances It is caused by the metabolism of excess water and salts in the body. These vital organs are also necessary for the production of red blood cells (hematopoiesis), having healthy and strong bones, and regulating the body’s blood pressure.

** Factors that are effective in the occurrence of chronic kidney failure in children
Congenital anomalies and Urinary tractinfections (urinary infection, sore throat, etc.) hereditary disease, Metabolic diseases Or rheumatism and general diseases of the body are among the factors that make children suffer from this disease.

Prevention of kidney disease in children is very important, children’s kidney disease is different from adults and it is necessary to treat it in childhood. Kidney health Guaranteed for a lifetime.

To diagnose kidney disease in children, the first step is a urine test Albumin Or there is blood in the urine. A blood test should be done to calculate the speed of blood clearance by the kidneys.

Also, ultrasound examinations and imaging, examination of the number, shape and size of the kidneys are necessary to diagnose kidney diseases in children, and if a kidney problem is diagnosed, families should consult with nephrology specialists and take their recommendations seriously. .

** Blood pressure is the most important cause of kidney disease
suffering from blood pressure In children, it is the cause of kidney disease, high blood pressure threatens the health of children and adolescents. High blood pressure is a dangerous disease that, if not diagnosed or controlled, can lead to Heart disease And it leads to kidney, brain and blindness.

due to increase Prevalence of obesity in childreninactivity and their high preference for prepared foods that contain large amounts of salt, blood pressure is increasing in the children’s population.

Blood pressure should be measured in all children over the age of three because it is often asymptomatic and it is better to make these examinations common in kindergartens and schools.

Chronic kidney failure is a common debilitating but treatable disease

** Office infections in children lead to kidney disease
Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections in children, which is seen in girls more than boys, and if not diagnosed and treated in time, it will lead to kidney problems.
burning and frequent urination, Cloudy urine colorUrinary incontinence, enuresis, high fever, heartache, Vomit And lethargy and improper weight gain are the most important symptoms of urinary tract infection in children.

In addition to testing and urine culture in these children, ultrasound and imaging methods are necessary to identify these patients.

** What are the eight rules for kidney health?
Regular physical activities, regular measurement and control of blood sugar, especially in Diabetic patientsregular measurement of blood pressure, healthy eating, drinking enough and appropriate liquids (8 glasses), avoiding arbitrary use of drugs (even herbal drugs) and Avoid weight gainThere are eight important rules for kidney health.

** Health tips to help keep your kidneys healthy
1- Drinking water and natural fruit juices, consuming legumes and vegetables
2- Eating less unhealthy foods such as (fast foods)
3- Not eating foods that contain salt
4- To follow Appropriate exercise programRegular and continuous
5- Adherence to proportion in the consumption of starch, protein and fat
7- The presence of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol Remind your doctor.

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