Know the most important harmful foods

These foods are not only not useful for your body, but they will cause damage to it and cause illness. If you care about your health, avoid consuming them.

Some foods are very harmful to the health of the body and can harm the body. Although some experts may not agree with this opinion, in general, the consumption of some substances is not recommended. In addition, in order to change the shape and taste of some ingredients or to increase their shelf life, ingredients are added to them that reduce their quality.

The following materials are among them:

Sugar: Sugar is the first enemy of the body and the most important cause of obesity and diabetes. In addition, sugar puts pressure on the pancreas, digestive system and liver. It is said that with every single consumption of sugar, the nervous system is negatively affected by up to 50%. Of course, the natural sugars in fruits and honey are useful if consumed in moderation.

Flour: flour may not seem harmful, but inside the body, it can have the same function as sugar during changes. Flour puts pressure on the pancreas and disrupts blood insulin levels. During the processing stages, many properties of wheat and its fiber are lost.

Processed meat: Meat contains large amounts of nitrates and the sodium in it causes damage to health. Consuming processed meats greatly increases the risk of colon cancer, and the nitrates contained in them are converted into nitrites in the body after digestion, which causes the creation of nitrosamines in the body, which itself is a type of carcinogenic substance.

Fast foods: prepared foods or fast food are full of substances that are harmful to the body. They are loaded with sodium, salt, flour, saturated fat, and processed meats that can easily affect your overall health.

In addition, donuts, fried potatoes, chips, salt, soft drinks, canned soups and margarine are not recommended at all.

Source: Healthy Food House

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March 9, 2014 07:31

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