Know the types of anti-cancer oils

Some oils can take care of our body against diseases and prevent cancer, and it is recommended by nutritionists to use these oils. The anti-cancer properties of these oils can be very effective and useful.

Oil is used in almost all the foods used, so it is essential to pay attention and know about the type of oil that is healthy for health.

Mohammad Hossein Azizi, a food industry expert and the head of the Food Industry Association, in a conversation with the Young Journalists Club, referring to the anti-cancer properties of some oils, said: to some extent, most vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower, corn, sesame and olive oil have anti-cancer properties.

He further added: Antioxidant and phenolic substances present in these oils prevent cancer, of course, one should be careful not to fry with these oils because the use of these oils at high heat causes the mentioned properties to disappear.

Referring to two types of vegetable oils that are of higher quality in terms of the mentioned properties, this food industry expert said: olive oil and sesame oil have more anti-cancer properties if they are extracted in the form of cold compresses and these two types of oil They are available in the market under the names of virgin olive oil and virgin sesame oil.

In the end, the head of the Food Industry Association noted: The important points in the consumption of oils, apart from their quality, are the quantity and type of consumption, which is effective for the health of consumers, so people should pay attention to oils in excess and also in Do not use frying and use as little as possible in a non-frying form.

December 3, 2014 16:52

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