Know the types of skin damage

Various events happen in our daily life that may seem normal but their damage gradually destroys our skin. The danger of these damaging factors threatens your skin. Get to know them and avoid them to have healthy and wrinkle-free skin. Read our recommendations and suggestions in this regard.

Some habits can harm your skin and cause damage to its health. We will mention some of them in the following article. I used to like to smoke and every now and then I decided to quit, but within a few weeks I would go back to my old habit again. Then, one day, I quit smoking completely. After a month of quitting smoking, I noticed a huge acne on my chin with just one puff! This had occupied my mind and made me discuss this matter with the dermatologist.

In this article, we will have an overview of some habits that quickly affect the skin of the face:

* Not removing makeup before going to bed

Sometimes you skip washing your face makeup due to fatigue and laziness. But this has both short-term and long-term effects. According to this expert, makeup should be removed every night to allow the skin to repair and regenerate. Not cleansing the skin can lead to clogged pores, oil build-up, and bacterial growth that causes acne. Acne can show up early in the morning, and even if you wash your face, the skin looks rough and dull.

*Consumption of fast food

By eating fast food, over time and due to chemical processes, the color of the skin turns yellow. Sugar in food reacts to fats or proteins that are exposed to high heat (such as in the cooking process of fast food). AGEs are a byproduct of a series of reactions that cause inflammation and break down collagen.

* Traveling by plane

Those who have experienced long flights know how the air inside the plane affects the skin. The air inside the plane is compressed and without moisture, therefore, it causes the skin to become irritated and dry. But what you may not know is that dry skin can lead to other problems as well. Excessive dryness irritates the glands that produce oil, resulting in acne. Acne can appear two to three days after travel.

The easiest way to combat this problem is to provide enough water to the body. Drink water regularly during the flight, moisturize your skin before the flight, and scrub away dead skin after arriving at your destination.

Exposure to smoke

Air pollution and environmental factors can have a bad effect on the skin. Dirt and dust in the air can block the pores of the skin and dull its appearance, and free radicals can lead to premature aging of the skin. Although it takes time to show its effects on your skin, the more you are exposed to air pollution, the worse the effects.

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