Lack of brain development with these foods

Research shows that children under the age of three who use fast food in the next five years of their lives They will have a low IQ

Researchers say: eating hamburgers and fried foods not only makes people fat but also dumb. It’s no surprise that eating hamburgers and fried foods not only increases your waistline, but can also affect your brain.

In one study, researchers found that a Western diet at age 14 affects learning and memory performance at age 17.

Researchers found: People who consumed a lot of ready meals, fried potatoes, red meat and processed meats, carbonated drinks had negative memory functions and learning.

At the same time, people who consumed a large amount of fruits and leafy vegetables had positive learning and memory performance.

Dr. Ante Niradi said: This is due to the high amount of micronutrients in green leafy vegetables, which increase cognitive development (memory and learning).

Dr. Neeradi said: “Several factors are involved in reducing cognitive skills related to diet, including the level of omega-6 fatty acids in fried foods and red meat.”

Dr. Niradi noted: high consumption of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates is related to hippocampus dysfunction; The hippocampus is a brain structure associated with learning and memory. The volume of the hippocampus increases during puberty.

Researchers say: Adolescence is an important time period for brain development and improper diet is an important risk factor in this period.

They added: The results of this study have important implications for future health policies and health promotion programs.

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