Lack of interest in having a relationship in couples

What are the reasons why couples experience sexual reluctance and coldness? What are the important reasons for causing this problem?

Some women complain that my husband and I have become like brothers and sisters; We don’t have sex once in six months and our married life is frozen. Dr. Ali Sheikh Al-Islami, a general practitioner and doctorate in psychology, who has been providing counseling services in the field of marital relations for many years, answers the concerns of couples in this regard:

Some people have complained that their relationship with their husband has become friendly for years and there is not much marital connection between them anymore. Sometimes they even have sex every few months and this is very annoying for women. These women feel humiliated and disappointed because every night they go to bed with hope and are disappointed. Is the problem due to the coldness of the man?

The main problem is the quality of the relationship. Sex, like any other relationship, should have its own rules and values. If husband and wife consider a certain day and time for their sex from the beginning, they will definitely not face these problems. The husband and wife should talk about this and dedicate one or two days a week to this task according to the time frame of their sexual relationship and their desire.

Doesn’t that sound like a contract?
No, this is a wrong idea. If the husband and wife know in advance on what day they are going to have sex, they prepare themselves. Issues such as compliance with hygiene tips, adequate rest, proper nutrition, and preparing for sex make a person more calmly wait for intercourse and think about the quality of his relationship.

Just like going to a party. When you know in advance that you are going to go to a party on a certain night, you prepare yourself and get ready to go to the desired place. But if you are suddenly invited to attend a place, no matter how much you love it, you are not prepared to attend. Sex should be exactly the same, planned and precise.

One of the reasons that causes the number of sexual relations to gradually decrease after the start of cohabitation is the lack of a contract. A husband and wife should talk to each other before having a relationship. It should not be that only one person feels obliged to start a relationship.
This issue makes a person feel sad and if this request is rejected by his wife several times, he will gradually lose his desire to establish a relationship. On the other hand, if this is discussed and the person knows that this is a two-person relationship and each of them can be the initiator as they wish, the problem of boredom will not arise.

What should be done if sex is not established at the agreed time for any reason?
The best thing is to remind our wife that night that we know that we should have sex tonight, but now that this has not happened due to the presence of guests, illness, etc., we postpone it until tomorrow night. It may seem a little strange at first glance, but couples just have to try it and see the miraculous effect.

The number of sex in people should be according to a certain rule?
no There is no special rule. The number of intercourse completely depends on the sexual desire of both parties. Many have sex twice a week and are satisfied with this issue, some others have sex once a month and there is no problem in their lives. One of the advices I always give to my clients is to check their sexuality together before getting married so that there are no problems.

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