Lack of sexual satisfaction of couples

Problems in having sex between husband and wife and failure in this case may disturb the peace of life and even lead to divorce of the couple!

Many women do not have a specific organic or physical problem for having sex. Failure to have sex is mostly due to psychological reasons that cause pelvic floor muscle spasms. This is why intercourse becomes painful in many cases.

In such situations, people react to the slightest contact and become defensive. This defensive reaction causes spasms that make sex very difficult and painful. Being more defensive has psychological roots that prevent a person from having the opportunity to have sex. These people may have unpleasant memories in the first sexual intercourse or they may be worried about legends. The presence of these psychological roots causes the physical function of these people to be disrupted during sexual intercourse.

Some may think that these people are not very social, but the fact is that some of these people are very social, yet they do not succeed in sex. In a situation where the person is in good physical condition and the cause of femininity does not prevent the establishment of a relationship.

Other solutions must be followed. One of these methods is to get sex education. If this method fails, otherwise you should consult with psychologists who have worked in the field of sex. In many cases, psychotherapy solves the problems of these friends. However, psychological roots cause a person to not be physically fit to have a relationship.

If these methods are used, antispasmodics can be used. These drugs paralyze the muscles for a short time and eventually cause the person to be unable to reflex.

If these steps are followed, it can be boldly said that there is no more problem and the patient’s work does not require surgery. By injecting this drug, the body can be prepared to have sex. If these conditions do not work, other options can be considered. In some women, there is a slight abnormality in the wall of the uterus or the hymen is too thick.

In such cases, this problem should be solved as soon as possible so that the person’s life is not affected. However, failure to have sex affects a person’s entire life and may make a person’s life critical.

Physical disorders are not very common, but they are not uncommon anyway. You should not think that all of these disorders are mental. For this reason, I recommend that everyone monitor their physical condition first, and when they are sure that their body structure is normal, if they have trouble having sex; They can see a psychologist.

For this reason, we advise couples to consult a specialist at the beginning of life to ease their mind in terms of physiological structure. The next step is to be trained in sex. Many married people are unaware of the principles of this relationship and this ignorance leads to their failure.

Worse, many ignore the element of creating emotion and attention to mood, in this situation women are not very welcome to have a relationship. However, sex must take place in a strong emotional context, the realization of which requires a better understanding of each other.

Couples can have sex if the conditions are comprehensive. Otherwise, despite having a healthy body, they can not communicate with each other. For this reason, all influential factors must be considered to solve the problem.

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