Ladies, lose weight by eating healthy

When you want to lose weight, do it properly and healthily and be careful not to lose more than 500 grams of fat in 7-8 days. You must control your weight and have a healthy diet.

You must provide conditions for the body to live a completely normal life and all its activities are followed in a coordinated and regular manner
Consult a doctor about a suitable and healthy diet for weight loss.

With accurate medical tests and the information that the doctor obtains about your physical health and genetic characteristics, a suitable diet will be recommended to you, with the help of which you can lose weight. Adequan site. and without disrupting your normal activities. The body will gradually reach the desired weight and appropriate body.
In order to increase the metabolism, one must eat. A drastic reduction in calories may be a suitable strategy for weight loss in the first days of the diet, but with the intervention of the body’s mechanisms to compensate for the deficiencies, it will lose its effectiveness, and this is logical. Have a balanced and balanced diet with physical activities
When people talk to you about the miracle of a very low-calorie and unbalanced diet or weight loss drugs, remember that weight loss does not work in the short term and the excess weight comes back just as quickly. In many of these cases, weight loss It is nothing but dehydration
While the goal is to burn fat reserves
My advice for reducing or controlling weight is a healthy and balanced diet, but the key points that we must pay attention to in order to enjoy this type of nutrition.
1- Do not look for very low calorie diets
Diets below 1,200 calories lower metabolism and force the body to store calories as fat.
Women should consume between 1200 and 2200 calories per day. It depends on your physical activity. Have enough protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet so that hunger does not make you tired. Be careful not to lose more than half a kilogram of fat in a week, otherwise health You are at risk.


2- Minimize the consumption of fats
Fats are very easily stored in the body, however, never remove them from the diet, the body needs fat for the better functioning of the joints, the health of the skin and other organs. We women should consume between 20 and 25% of the required calories. get daily from fats, so it is very important to choose food, the body quickly absorbs and stores saturated fats, unsaturated fats like olive oil are healthier.
3- Use natural food
The body effectively uses natural substances and stores less of them as fat. Fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and natural complex carbohydrates should form the basis of your diet. Consume these substances if you have energy with exercise. You lose a lot. It is necessary to compensate for the lost glycogen. Glycogen provides energy for your workouts.

4- Use balanced carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are one of the main elements of a healthy diet. High consumption of this food group is necessary if you are physically active and do sports. And during the training, it has to burn fat for you who are trying to lose weight.
I recommend that you consume carbohydrates only until three in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day with protein and vegetables.

5- Do not eat too much sugar
If you have a significant amount of sugar in one meal, the excess sugar is stored as fat
This sugar increases the secretion of insulin to a significant amount, it also causes insulin to release enzymes that help to store fat in the body, so be careful when consuming sugar. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Avoid consuming them.


6- Don’t forget proteins
In a healthy diet, proteins have a special place, you should pay attention to it. Without protein, the organism destroys the muscles. By consuming protein, amino acids are essential, which are weak in the regeneration of tissues, especially muscle tissues. It follows active muscles and prevents the burning of fat tissue. Among the best protein-rich sources, I should mention white meat, birds, fish, low-fat red meat, low-fat milk, green beans, white cheese.
By consuming enough protein during the slimming diet, you maintain the muscles.

7- Drink a lot of water
Without a doubt, you say to yourself why? For the following reasons:
1- Dehydration is prevented by drinking water
2- Metabolic activities and the activity of endocrine glands are improved
3- With the improvement of liver activities, the percentage of fat that the body burns to produce energy increases
4- Drinking water helps you to revive your natural thirst
5- Reduces appetite
6- The energy level increases noticeably

8- Eat 5 or 6 times during the day
In this way, you get a better result from the food you consume, and by intensifying the process of burning fat and producing more energy, the volume of fat reserves will quickly decrease. By having several meals during the day, you will activate the metabolism and burn calories If you have only three meals a day and you eat every 6 or 8 hours, your metabolism will decrease and you will burn less fat. I recommend you to have six meals and eat a small amount in each meal. You will be surprised by the results of this type of nutrition.

9- Know how much food you get
But the amount of ingredients in the daily diet:
1- 4 or 5 units of fruits and vegetables
2- One unit of fruits and vegetables (one medium fruit, one cup of fresh vegetables and one cup of boiled vegetables)
3- 2-3 units of fat-free milk (one unit of milk: one glass of milk or yogurt)
4- 4 or 6 units of complex carbohydrates (each unit: one cup of cooked cereal or rice, one slice of bread or half a baked potato)
5- 3 to 4 units of protein-rich ingredients (each unit: 60 to 100 grams of chicken, fish or red meat, a cup of green beans or other vegetables or 2 egg whites)
6- and a small amount of unsaturated fat

10- Avoid consuming sugary drinks
Available soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Avoid them. Consuming a lot of sugar helps to store fat in the body

Carbohydrates friend or enemy? 1
Here I need to talk a little about carbohydrates, substances that many people consider to be the main cause of obesity and weight gain. Maybe this is true to some extent, but carbohydrates are different just like fats in unbalanced diets of carbohydrates. deleted
While this food group is not our enemy, we need them to produce energy, ignoring them in the diet can have many consequences, among the most important of which we can mention the reduction of various activities of the organism, reduction of growth and increase in the thickness of fat tissue.
Vegetables and fruits have fewer calories in Mine Carbohydrates. You can use these fiber-rich foods to lose weight. The more fiber in your diet, the fewer calories you will get and the easier it will be to lose fat.

Fat burners?!
Many people do not believe in fat burning supplements and say that they have not received any results from their use. Weight helps us exercise hard and have high physical activity.


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