Laser treatment with these important methods and solutions

It is better to have laser treatment for your skin by experienced doctors and specialists in this field and do not leave your skin to people who do not have enough information and skills in this field, because if you do laser treatment improperly, you will face many complications and side effects.

A dermatologist stressed that laser treatment must be performed by a specialist doctor, otherwise there will be complications that may be very difficult to compensate.

Hamideh Harischi stated: If the person’s skin is suitable for laser treatment and this is done with a suitable and healthy device by a specialist doctor, the laser will not cause any side effects.

He added: “Sometimes it is observed that this work has been done by people who have no expertise in this field and even use inappropriate devices to perform laser treatment, in which case there will undoubtedly be side effects for the skin.”

He explained about replacing laser treatment with another method of skin treatment: In this regard, the specialist doctor should first examine the person’s skin and replace it with other methods based on its type and sensitivity.

The dermatologist emphasized in advising people who use laser treatment: In some cases, laser treatment sensitizes the skin; In this case, the person must use sunscreen during the day and renew it frequently.


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