Lavender ointment recipe for lips

in winter Corner And the sides of the lips Many of us Dry Becomes. So, instead Lip licking They dry outtry from this Recipe Home Use to keep lips soft:


4 spoon Oil جوجوباalmond oil, or olive oil

1 tbsp Wax Grated

1 tsp Honey

1/4 tea spoon Oil Vitamin E Or Vitamin capsules E

7 Drops Essence Lavender (or Other essential oils)

1 tsp cacao powder (Optional)

Preparation method:

1. OilWax And honey را In a small container، Or heat a bowl Rest assured that The heat is very low

2. until Wax Completely Stir to melt.

3. Vitamin oil E And cacao powder Pour and mix quickly

4. Down Bowl Put in ice water and mix with a mixer, then add honey

5. When Honey addedQuickly apply this liquid on the lips and leave for 3 hours

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam Medical Journal and its use is allowed only by mentioning the source

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