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Having a complete and quality marital relationship is one of the most important foundations of a stable life; A complete marital relationship is formed when both men and women have reached the peak of sexual pleasure, ie orgasm, which unfortunately is less common among couples and creates the ground for many differences; Therefore, it is necessary for couples to get enough information in this regard; In the following, we will review this article. Be with Dr. Salam.

Many young couples face problems due to lack of familiarity and in some cases lack of knowledge about how to deal with emotional and marital relationships between spouses, which unfortunately in some cases turn into family crises that the effects It in problems such as increasing divorce rates in society, sexual diversity and…. Is visible. Simorgh with the aim of preventing such problems and respecting the privacy of the family, to increase the knowledge of young couples and help improve and strengthen the relationship between spouses has prepared and presented the following article.

If we want to summarize orgasm in one phrase, we must say: reaching orgasm. In other words, orgasm means that the body reaches the peak of activity emotionally and physically. When a woman with a husband Sexual arousal be. Gradually, the whole body reaches a state that is increasing every moment, both physiologically and emotionally.

Of course, in specialized texts, orgasm is defined as follows:

Severe muscle contraction during sex, accompanied by changes in some physical symptoms such as changes in heart rate, changes in blood pressure, and changes in depth and rate of respiration.

Of course, in defining orgasm, some researchers try to separate sex and define it as follows:

Orgasm is the climax of sexual pleasure and the release of sexual tension. It should be noted that orgasm in men with a sense of mental inevitability انزال It starts and ends with ejaculation. But orgasm in women is associated with vaginal canal contraction; Other changes in a woman’s orgasm, such as involuntary and involuntary muscle movements, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate, also occur at this stage.

Orgasm in women is a natural sexual reaction that has remained a mystery until now. Failure to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse can be the source of many problems. It has been proven that the root of many marital problems is in this issue. Couples need to know how to achieve the desired orgasm by gaining skills. In the meantime, men have a heavier task and should help their wives to achieve orgasm and sexual pleasure by gaining skills, and also the wife should do this task towards her husband. Orgasm in men is caused only by physical stimulation and contact. .

While this phenomenon is much more complex in women and depends to a large extent on the mental condition and emotional connection of the parties. Failure to reach orgasm in women can be due to apathy, anxiety and inappropriate mood and intercourse in the wrong way, and in addition, for some women, it is not necessary to reach orgasm with every intercourse.

In order for women to acquire this skill, they must pay enough attention to a number of points.

1 – Increase self-confidence and positive image of your body.

2 – Discover those areas of your body that you think are more sensitive and tell your spouse.

3 – Be sure to talk to your spouse about this.

4 – If you suffer from stress and mental worries, you should definitely choose solutions to solve them.

5 – Talk to your spouse about your feelings.

6 – Do not forget to exercise and relax your body.

7 – Practice that you can have positive images during sex with your partner.

8 – Be sure to establish with your husband Sex Talk to each other.

9 – Enter new positions in your relationship.

10 – If problems such as Vaginal dryness If a woman or a man ejaculates prematurely and ejaculates late, be sure to treat it so that the stress caused by them can be relieved and you can more easily meet your needs.

11 – Increase flirting and foreplay.

12 – One of the side effects of some drugs is the effect on sexual arousal.

13 – Change the time of sex.

14 – Create variety.

15. Check your hormone levels.

16 – Do not masturbate.

17 – Accept that you must not be satisfied with penetration Most women are satisfied with the clitoris.

18 – When having sex, focus on the relationship, not other issues.

19. Have a relationship whenever you are spiritually ready.

20. Do not pretend to orgasm for your spouse’s satisfaction.

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