Learn how to strengthen and lift nails quickly

Nails look their best when they are clean, well-groomed and painted. But before you want to make them up, your nails should have the necessary strength. In this section, we will teach you some ways to get healthier nails in the blink of an eye.

Keep your nails hydrated

A balanced diet is important; And drinking plenty of water is essential. Deborah Lipman, founder and creative director of eponymous beauty and luxury products, says: “The most important thing to strengthen them is to keep your nails and their cuticles hydrated.”

Biotin and other boosters

Biotin supplements fight brittle nails from the inside! Doris Nunes, a dermatologist and esthetician at AKS Salon in New York, suggests taking Phytophanere tablets for hair and nail growth. But be sure to remember to discuss it with your doctor before using any type of medicine and treatment. In addition to such medicinal products, there are also products and varnishes that you can use directly on your nails.

Massage your cuticles

Since nails form under the cuticles, massaging around the nail will increase blood flow there, resulting in more nail growth, says Lipman.

Take care of your cuticles

Make sure you’re only pushing your cuticles back, not picking them up, advises Nunez. It is also ideal to moisturize your wrists and nails more than once a day.

Lipman also suggests that you always carry hand cream and cuticle in your bag. He also adds that you should never wash your face without using a moisturizer, and you should treat your hands the same way.

Avoid breaking your nails

Lippmann warns that you should never use your nails as tools, as you risk breaking them. The white part of the nail, also known as the stress zone, will eventually loosen and break. It is very important to note what you use your nails for.

Choose the right tool

The type of nail file you use is very important. Always use a crystal nail file, says Dr. Debra Jaliman. This type of file will treat your nails gently.


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