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With the beginning of the colorful season of autumn and the gradual cooling of the weather, some people remember the delicious fruits of this season, and some people remember colds, ampoules, etc. The autumn season, which is known as the colorful season, brings with it various diseases. In this article, we have mentioned tips to prevent disease in this season. Join us.

With the beginning of the autumn season and the gradual cooling of the weather, some people remember sweet lemons and turnips, remember ampoules and a coldremember resting and staying at home, but some people also remember the beauty of this season, the variety of colors, the softness of the air and eating beans and hot lipovi, yes, autumn is the season of pomegranates, the season of walnuts, pistachios and sunflower seeds… the season of togetherness It is about getting together and being with family and relatives, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, and how beautiful it is that Salah Arham is done in this beautiful season and all family members and relatives return peace and intimacy to their homes by eating fruits, sweets and nuts. And get rid of the tiredness of days of effort.

Autumn season is the season of family and family gatherings, the cold weather makes family members come home earlier and spend the night together, but the condition of this gathering and enjoying being together It is health, and if one of the family members is sick, this beautiful season will become a troublesome season.

A colorful season with various diseases

Fall season and of course winter is the peak time for various diseases, although cold and flu are the most important diseases of these seasons, but other diseases also come to humans at the same time as these seasons arrive and cause them trouble and trouble.

Headache, sinusitis, and runny nose are other common diseases of this season that reduce a person’s stamina and prevent him from work and life. An otolaryngologist says: “The sinuses are naturally full of air. But when they become blocked and filled with fluid, bacteria begin to grow in them and cause an infection, this infection is called sinusitis. Headache And the feeling of pressure and pain is one of the symptoms of sinusitis, and the most important way to prevent this disease is to stay away from polluted air and drink plenty of fluids. Exposure to extreme cold, air conditioner or fan, and direct air flow aggravates this disease.

Skin diseases and eczema are other common diseases of the winter season, the symptoms of which are redness, dryness, itching and burning in the skin and small blisters.

Fatemeh Khairkhah, a medical student, says about the cause of skin diseases: “The skin of people who suffer from eczema or skin allergies, pimples, blisters and dryness is usually very dry and irritable, and genetic and hereditary factors, living conditions and climate changes, as well as the type of Nutrition is very effective in causing skin diseases.
He adds: “Worry, anxiety and stress also have a great impact on skin diseases, and usually those who eczemaThey get skin allergies and bacterial infections. They are anxious and worried people who express concern about any issue.

Using a humidifier and keeping the home environment humid, using moisturizing creams and suitable lotions, avoiding any stress and worry and using the right food, fresh fruits and vegetables are among the solutions that this medical student used to treat skin diseases in It is recommended for autumn and winter.

The beginning of the autumn season, which begins with the fall of the leaves, is usually accompanied by the pollination of various plants, and this causes the allergy disease to spread a lot in this season.

Runny nose, itchy throat, burning nose and eyes are among the complications of this disease.

A woman who introduces herself as an architecture student told Kehan ​​reporter about fall diseases, especially allergies and sensitivities: “Fortunately, I get diseases less because I use a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Especially since I have combined exercise and walking with my life and there is not a day that I do not do at least some exercise, but unfortunately, with the beginning of autumn or spring, when the pollination of flowers begins, my allergies also start, and continuous sneezing and The continuous and runny nose and eyes have cut my safety and prevented me from work and life. “Sometimes I sneeze so much in the classroom that I have to leave the classroom and stay away from the classroom for a while.”

He adds: “Of course, I have also visited a specialist and I follow the doctor’s recommendations, for example, I avoid eating allergenic foods and fruits such as eggplant, tomatoes, sausages, etc., but due to the special conditions of these seasons, my allergy starts And it troubles me.”
This student also states: “Because of this disease, I try to avoid going to the park and garden because pollen, dust, and fungi on trees and leaves aggravate the allergy.”

Joint pains and bone pains, heart diseases and mental diseases and depression are also common diseases in autumn and winter, which show themselves more with the decrease in temperature and cold weather.

Research shows that with the beginning of the cold season, some people suffer from seasonal depression and tend to spend time in solitude and isolation and avoid socializing with others.

According to this research, the prevalence of seasonal depression among women is much higher than that of men, but the symptoms of this disorder are more severe in men. Participating in family gatherings or friendly parties, socializing with relatives and talking and exchanging opinions with others are among the ways that can be effective in treating depression.

Stress and nervous tension damage the ability of the immune system to function, anxious people with high nervous tension are more prone to disease, so avoiding any kind of nervous tension and stress can increase a person’s energy, both mentally and physically, and his mood make it strong and empowering.


Prevention is better than treatment

Germs and viruses easily spread between people and harm the most to those who have a weak immune system, most contagious and infectious diseases will become dangerous and even lead to death if they are not treated in time, so prevention of these diseases can be It is very effective to prevent them from getting infected and prevent death and destruction.

“Mohammed Asgari”, a therapist, says about the ways to prevent diseases in the fall and winter season: “Since the majority of infectious and contagious diseases are transmitted through contact with a sick person, the best way to protect against these diseases is to wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap.” . “Wearing suitable clothes in these seasons when the temperature drops is another way to prevent diseases of this season.”

He adds: “We should also keep our home and work environment clean so that bacteria and viruses cannot spread. Drinking healthy foods, plenty of fluids, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables are also effective in preventing infectious diseases.”

This therapist also says: “Those who are in environments contaminated with cigarette smoke get sick faster than other people because cigarette smoke sensitizes their respiratory tracts and they are more vulnerable to viruses.”

A nutritionist also says about this: “The most important factor to have a healthy body is proper nutrition, drinking water and proper liquids and eating healthy foods have a great impact on not contracting various diseases.” He adds: “The role of vitamins in preventing diseases should not be ignored, for example, vitamin C in all its forms, whether in the form of tablets, syrup or fruit, can be effective in preventing colds.” Vitamin B, which is abundant in grains, is one of the other essential vitamins for the body, and other vitamins such as E, K, D, etc., which are found in red meat, chicken, grains, legumes, eggs, milk, and yogurt, are among the other vitamins Every human needs an immune system.”

According to this nutritionist, there is a substance called “Quercetin” that has antioxidant properties and is very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system, so eat vegetables and fruits with dark skin, such as apples or broccoli, red cabbage, red onions, blueberries, Cherries, beans, tea, etc., which have large amounts of this antioxidant, have a great effect on preventing viral diseases such as colds and flu and even cancer.

Adequate rest

Every healthy person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to keep their immune system at its best, but people who get sick need more time to rest to fight the illness. It is better for patients to stay at home to recover in a shorter time and speed up their treatment and to prevent the spread of the disease and its spread to others.

Therapist Mohammad Asgari says about this: “Sometimes children are brought to the clinic who have caught a cold or flu, but because they did not rest well and did not take enough time to recover, the virus of the disease did not completely leave their body and returned to have contracted this disease.”

He adds: “The interesting point is that some families, when they come to treat their child for the first time, are healthy and have not been infected yet, but the next time another person or people in the family are infected and they go to the doctor for treatment.”

This therapist states: “While if they had taken good care of their child the first time and followed all the safety and health precautions, their child would have recovered faster and other members of the family would not have contracted the disease.”

The beginning of the autumn season and the decrease in temperature is not the main cause of catching a cold due to influenza and other diseases of this season, because these diseases are usually viral and are transmitted from others to humans, but the cold can cause a decrease in stamina and physical strength. Those who feel cold and are exposed to various viruses are susceptible to the virus due to their physical weakness and get sick faster. Therefore, by observing safety and health issues, the body’s immune system can be strengthened and physical and mental health can be guaranteed. .

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