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Those who suffer from sadism and sexual anomalies experience all kinds of failures in their lives and cause irreparable damage to themselves and the society in which they are present because of disturbing thoughts that are only sexually explicit.

Sadism and sexual abnormalities are usually affected by the imbalance between sexual needs and their satisfaction, as well as sick thoughts that appear in different ways in people’s lives and cause many abnormalities in individual and social life. Environmental conditions and lack of proper education have led to an increasing prevalence of people with this complication.

The most important symptoms of sadism and sexual dysfunction are the following:

1- Looking and staring lustfully at the opposite sex continuously and subverting different parts of people’s limbs in passages, public places and parties and praising and praising those limbs in the mind. Such people with their heavy looks cause discomfort to others and cause social insecurity. A person who is mentally healthy will never allow himself to consider the opposite sex as a commodity for pleasure and lust. A civilized person restrains himself before marriage and restricts his sexual desires and satisfaction after marriage to his wife only.

2- Having constant thoughts about having sex. Those who dwell too much on sex in their minds seem to have nothing more important in their lives.

3- Using vulgar and obscene words.

4- Sexual jealousies. Those who are jealous of the romantic relationship between two people and try to destroy and stone it in that relationship are somehow caught in sexual sadism. Such people enjoy being sick instead of replacing their love rival.

5- Sexual harassment and ridicule. It is saying immoral sentences to the opposite sex that usually have sexual and disturbing meanings.

6- Masturbation. The obsessive act of enjoying oneself and sexual gratification in this way can be one of the signs of sexual sadism.

7- Thoughts of having sex with incest, sexual abuse of children and sexual abuse of them.

8. Aggression, insult, mistreatment and restraint for people simply because they may be sexually perverted. Accusing others on the basis of baseless illusions and conjectures. This group of patients, due to the existence of many deficiencies and knots in their lives, try to free and harass people.

9- Viewing pictures, videos and sex sites, sex chats in chat rooms, showing off the body through a webcam, using the phone for sexual conversations with strangers.

10- Having unconventional sexual intercourse with hurting and injuring oneself or the other party such as cutting, tying hands and feet, whipping and hitting.

11- The desire to have sex with different people despite having a spouse. Betrayal and diversity. Sex with prostitutes, rape. Make physical contact and cling to others in environments such as subway, bus,…

12- Homosexuality. It is about having sex with a homosexual.

13- Excessive and unnecessary suspicions about the spouse and obsessive demands. In this situation, the person constantly thinks that his wife is cheating and having sex with other people.

14. Some sexual fantasies, such as group sex or sharing a sexual partner with another person. Imagine that your sexual partner is having sex with another person. This is one of the most devastating cases of sexual sadism.

15- Having sex with animals. Even the notion of it brings human beings to their lowest level.

16- Very thick make-up, use of provocative and inappropriate clothes in order to attract attention and appearances that show sexual attraction.

It is natural that some of the above cases indicate acute sexual sadism and others are less severe. Those who have the above symptoms should refer to psychoanalysts to get rid of the destructive individual and social effects of this disease and seek treatment using therapeutic methods.

Some of the steps that can be taken for treatment:

• Eliminate unreasonable sexual thoughts, control and refine mental images.
• Study and raise awareness.
• Smart marriage and romantic life.
• Sport.
• Participate in healthy social activities.
• Communicating with God and turning to spirituality.
• Connect with healthy people and find helpful friends.
• Continence.

Sexual sadism has short-term and long-term individual-social effects, including:

• Reduced thinking power
• Neurological and psychological complications
• Increased sexually transmitted diseases
• Relationship breakdown and failure in marriage
Decreased memory and forgetfulness
• Social insecurity
• Rejection
• The prevalence of illicit relationships
• Social backwardness

Sex, like other human needs, should be considered a natural thing and should be satisfactorily satisfied, but only with the mechanism that God has determined, which is marriage and family formation. Lack of a suitable context for marriage, as well as any unusual satisfaction of this desire and ignoring it can turn into a sexual crisis in a society. The sexual pressures of not marrying in a timely manner will do great harm to the individual and society. Sexual issues should be taught from an early age so that people deal with it with full awareness and are safe from its physical-psychological dangers.

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