Learn more about the psychological characteristics of puberty in girls

The principles that girls imitate in their actions and behavior, as well as the type of clothing that girls have at this age. They are very curious about boys and also girls are very sensitive at this age and fall in love quickly and their minds get involved in love issues.
In addition, adolescent thinking becomes abstract, which is a new stage of identification (self-knowledge) and its growth and flourishing. Future orientation and thinking about important life decisions such as education, employment, choosing a spouse and marriage are an important part of his dreams. In short, in this passage, the future life of the adolescent is laid.

His relationship with parents and educators changes from a child’s relationship with a parent or educator to an adolescent on the verge of adulthood with other adults such as parents and educators, and this creates high expectations in him. Therefore, adolescents at this age are very sensitive to adults’ treatment of themselves. The important and sensitive role of parents and educators in dealing with adolescents at this stage is significant and thought-provoking.

Puberty is the period of sexual desire that is the prelude to choosing a spouse.
During puberty, physical and physiological changes occur in the body. Sexual and aggressive tendencies cause insufficient control of motives. Rapid changes and increased energy and activity of the young adult cause the community to give him two tasks.

On the one hand, the adolescent is given more responsibility, and on the other hand, he is expected to control his reproductive and aggressive motives, as well as to continue the role of a child who is about to reach puberty, thus making it difficult for him.

One of the characteristics of this period is the emergence of sexual desires, which is the introduction to choosing a spouse. In many cases, he falls in love and then changes his mind and expresses hatred. During this period, the ability to self-assess and develop a sense of independence draws attention to the fact that the person tries to decide on issues himself.

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