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You don’t have to do weird things to have sex. In order to have good sex, you need to feel closer to your partner. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared the necessary skills to have sex. We recommend that you read this article and don’t miss it.

Planning for sex

The secret to the success of happy couples is not that they have sex every day of the week. In fact, according to the words of Dr. “Tsina”, the author of the book “Let’s get married and be free”, successful couples have sex according to a specific schedule. On the other hand, not establishing this type of relationship in the long term is not acceptable in any way, because sexual relations strengthen the closeness of both parties and give it depth. “People who refuse to have sex with each other create a huge distance between themselves and after a while, strangers seem more attractive to them than their current life partner,” says Tesina. Also, regular sex is very important for men.
Dr. Laura Berman, director of the Berman Center in Chicago, states: “One of the ways that can keep two people close is if they are close sexually. This is the only way to reach closeness and intimacy.” When the man regularly with his wife sex If he doesn’t have it, he loses his sense of being romantic; After a while, the woman also loses her sexual passion and in the same way creates a series of cycles.” On the other hand, it’s okay to let a week or two go by without having sex, in fact, many successful couples do this once a week. The key is that both of you get the most out of it. take away

Caress each other outside the bed too

Another reason for the success and happiness of some couples is that every now and then, without any particular reason, they hug each other, touch their legs, and prepare themselves more for the main steps. do Dr. Barry McCarthy, psychotherapist and author of the book “Desire of Happiness” writes: “Touching has 5 different stages; A successful couple should do at least 4 steps. “Many couples have only two types of touch contact: nothing or intercourse, and when that’s the case, it’s usually nothing.” When you are kissing or rubbing each other’s back, you can easily stop it if you don’t want to continue the relationship.
Another thing you can do is make a date to hold and squeeze each other’s hands if you don’t feel like doing it. This way, your relationship will feel more natural, because one type of touching will be followed by another, and you can continue it as much as you like. If you can physically connect with each other during the day, you will be more prepared for the main flirting, including during the nights when Stress You have or you are tired (or both) you do not lose your closeness and intimacy.

Forget about mistakes and forgive when it comes to sex

Sex may not always give you crazy pleasures, but couples who do reap the emotional benefits. Why? You still stand by each other during the difficult periods of life and this makes your love eternal.
Whether you do the original flirting, or just hug and caress each other, the existing gaps and distances will disappear by themselves. If you hug your wife from time to time and touch her body, she will realize that although you may not agree on a certain issue, but love is another matter, it always has its place and that’s it. And arguments are not a reason to love less. This article can completely change your and your husband’s perspective on life.
Ginny, a 32-year-old writer in Brooklyn, has come to the same conclusion: “Bill and I used to have endless arguments about trivial things, to the point where we were both exhausted. , that’s why we agreed that if next time we fight over minor issues, we’ll kiss each other and assume it’s over, we never imagined that one small thing could solve all the problems in our lives. But after we tried this technique, we came to the conclusion that hugging and kissing can solve our problems much more easily than long discussion sessions.

Never refrain from having sex as a punishment

Warning: “Showing anger by not having sex will ruin your life.” Why: Not only does it destroy love and friendship, but if couples use sex as a trump card in a power struggle, there will be a lot of hatred, and after a while neither of the parties will have any desire to establish a relationship. It does not show sexual relations with others. So, the next time you are upset with your wife, instead of making a mistake and walking away from her in bed, clear everything up with a conversation and don’t mention sex in this way.


Don’t look for a Hollywood relationship and don’t expect too much

We can all imagine it: bright and glowing candles, 1000-fold white sheets, provocative flirting, sensual satisfaction. In the real world, these things do not happen in most cases. And couples who seek happiness never waste their time on these things. If you have two kids, two different jobs, and you have this kind of sex once a month, you’re doing great. How great is that? Among successful couples, approximately no more than 15% of flirtations end up being pleasurable for one or both of them.
Maybe they do it in a hurry, they are not physically comfortable, or they can’t achieve satisfaction in the end. Spouses who are self-confident can easily deal with this issue, and they don’t think that there must be a specific problem, but the party who is tired or not in a good mood easily says to the other person: “I’m tired and I can’t tonight; You take it easy and do your job.”

Have “special sex” sometimes

In the anniversaries you have, you should also dedicate a day to the “sex anniversary.” Of course, you don’t have to limit this work to just this one day; If you can spend a few more days in the same way during the year, you have done a great job and helped your life together immensely. Some families prefer to remove this kind of flirting from their lives for reasons of modesty or something else.
Wearing new pajamas instead of old and threadbare pajamas is not as difficult as you think. Tell your spouse that you still care about these things. As you know, changing taste is one of the key principles in the success of a joint life. One of the recent researches shows that the feeling of sexual satisfaction originates from the hotness of the parties in the other’s opinion. Create a romantic atmosphere, and create the necessary excitement. Sleep on new sheets (either at home or in a hotel), try new positions, and do whatever else it takes to stimulate you mentally and physically so you feel addicted to your existence. .
If you want your husband’s hormones to be released as much as possible, arrange an unexpected date for him and try new things. 30-year-old “Amy” from “Santa Burma”, who recently started her life together, says: “When I feel the need to express my love and affection, I create a new Internet address for myself and call it something I will let it be familiar to my wife and not delete it. In this letter, I only mention the place and time. When he arrives at the desired place, I will take him to another place so that he remains in doubt. He says that when I do these things, my wife becomes crazy and infatuated with me.

The final moves in sex

4 words: eye contact at the height of pleasure “This moment is so unique that if you can share it with your partner, the intimacy between you two will double. Of course, there is evidence that even couples who are in long-term relationships still can’t get this move right. 31-year-old Christie from New Jersey believes that keeping your eyes open during sex makes you look sexier. He says: “I feel relieved when I realize my wife is looking at me and I think I’m attractive enough. This makes me welcome him with an open face.”

You should know that everything has its place

Another problem is the change of direction. You need to know how to get out of paying bills and into sex. Successful couples know countless ways to forget about the daily grind of life. How? For example, they say to each other succinctly and helpfully “let’s flirt”, your husband may be lying on the sofa after the kids have gone to sleep and invite you to sit next to him. , or you start caressing him, or say very easily: There is no interesting program on TV tonight, how can we spend our time?”

Play and joke together

Sure, when necessary, successful couples appear quite serious, but laughter and jokes are sometimes necessary. These jokes can be considered a good background for flirting. Dr. “Tenissa” believes that laughing together can be a good sign of intimacy, it shows that you two can easily communicate and understand each other.
In fact, one of the ways of showing cuteness and flirting is these ridiculous games and jokes. Emilia, 31, and her husband Jeff, 32, who live in New York, really enjoy exchanging greeting cards. “We’re both emotional,” says Emily. The first time Jeff bought me a very large card with red flowers on Valentine’s Day. Since then, we always surprise each other with strange cards.
Sex is never the solution to all problems. It’s not all about sex, but when you can’t handle it successfully, you’ll have problems in other areas of your life that won’t be solved without suffering and hardship. Couples who are sexually connected treat each other more kindly, forgive each other’s mistakes more easily, are more romantic, less lonely and sad, and have less conflict. This connection can keep them together forever with complete success and happiness. It is so unique that if you share it with your partner, the intimacy between you two will double.

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