Learn these 7 ways to increase sperm count

Many men want to increase their sperm size, either because they have children or because they enjoy ejaculation. Many believe that a large volume of semen can indicate physical health.

Regardless of the accuracy of this statement, without a doubt, increasing the volume of semen can increase the pleasure of orgasm and prolong its duration. In addition, increasing sperm production in the testicles can increase your libido.

Today in this article you will not learn useful tips on increasing semen.

1- Quitting smoking: Smoking, in addition to all the harms it has, reduces the amount of your sperm. Sometimes smokers have about 22 percent less sperm.

2- Wear comfortable and loose underwear: The reason why the testicles are in a bag outside the body is that their temperature should be a few degrees cooler than body temperature. That is why it is not appropriate to wear tight underwear and shorts that attach the testicles to your body. If you can, it is better to sleep naked at night.

3- Have proper nutrition: Undoubtedly, some foods affect the production of semen. Foods low in fat, high in carbohydrates and protein, as well as vegetables and whole grains, do not boost semen. Exercise along with a healthy diet will ensure your health.

4 – Try to have sex instead of masturbating more: The more times you ejaculate through masturbation, the less volume and concentration of your semen will be.

5 – Avoid alcohol: Alcohol due to its effect on the liver increases the level of estrogen (female hormone) in the body and reduces sexual desire and the amount of semen.

6- Kegel exercise exercises: Although these exercises do not affect the amount of sperm, but with its help you can increase your ejaculation power and enjoy ejaculation more.

7. Vitamins and dietary supplements: Marijuana and some medications reduce sperm count. In contrast, there are natural supplements that increase semen production. As:
Carnitine: Contained in red meat and milk.
Folic acid:
Arginine: Found in nuts, sesame seeds, eggs and meat and strengthens semen.
Vitamin E and selenium: These two substances also increase semen production
Source: World of Medical Sciences website

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