Leave the loss!

For thousands of years, human beings have greeted and said goodbye by shaking hands, unaware that infectious diseases can be transmitted by contact.

In our culture alone, shaking hands is not recognized as one of the most common etiquettes of meeting others, and in many traditions people use it to express health and politeness.

Researchers have found in their latest study that most pandemic diseases, which occur once in a while, are transmitted from hand to hand due to this habit, and many respiratory and gastrointestinal infections due to contact. Your hand occurs with other hands.

Studies show that researchers have found that if people punch each other instead of shaking hands when meeting, they are less likely to transmit viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Since summer is coming to an end and there is nothing left until the flu and colds spread, it is better to give up the habit of shaking hands as soon as possible so that autumn and winter will not be difficult for you.

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