Let’s know a little about matching hair color with skin color

Does the hair color you bought show your age? When choosing hair color, eye color, and skin color are very important! Choosing a hair color that does not suit you can make a person look older than his age. Therefore, it is better to have a good hairdresser to tell you these small points

Hair colors are either warm or cool. Therefore, you should match your hair color with your skin tone. One way to determine the background color of your skin is to look at the veins in your wrist under sunlight or halogen light, which shows a more accurate color. If they are blue, then your skin tone is cool. If they look green, then your skin has a warm undertone. Women of color, such as Indians, Blacks, Middle Easterns, and Asians, generally have warm undertones. Based on your skin tone, there are many options for hair color, some of which are listed below:

Neutral or cream skin tone

Helga Surratt, director of About Faces Day salon in Towson, suggests that people with dark eyes use medium brown or medium red. If your eyes are hazel, blue or green, she says anything from light brown to medium blonde looks great, and if your natural hair color is light, go with auburn or strawberry red.

Warm or red skin color

If your eyes are dark brown, black, or hazel, Surratt recommends using black, medium brown, or golden brown. A burgundy or reddish brown will enhance your natural skin tone. If your eyes are hazel, blue or green and your natural hair color is light brown to medium blonde, add light or golden highlights, or choose a warm medium tan.

If your eyes are blue or green, and your hair is naturally blonde, use golden blonde and very light tan shades. Bright red and warm red colors are also suitable for you.

Olive skin color

If your eye color is brown, you should use dark brown or tan shades. If your eyes are hazel, blue or green, use a light to medium brown. Surratt says you should use a sandy brown to cover any gray. If your eyes are blue or green, chances are you already have naturally light hair color, so you can go with light tan or blonde.

Women of color

If your skin tone is warm, choose colors that are one shade darker than your skin tone and have warm undertones, such as bronze or caramel. Don’t make your hair too light gold, as it may end up looking orange. If your skin tone is cool, use light grays, cool browns, or blues, and avoid coppers, reddish browns, or any kind of gold. Most women of color have brown eyes, but if your eyes are not brown, you can still use the above guidelines.

Yellow or yellowish-gray skin color

If you have dark or hazel eyes, you will look great with shades from black to medium brown. Reddish brown, burgundy or aubergine will also bring out your natural skin tone. If you have hazel, blue, or green eyes, light brown and medium blonde will be perfect. Use gray or sandy blondes, and avoid golden tones. If your eyes are blue or green and your hair is naturally blonde, use a neutral or sandy blonde, or choose a light tan without too much warmth. If your hair is naturally red, give up and don’t go for bright and shiny colors.

Ladies, the wrong hair color can make you look tired, older or even sick. But the right hair style and color can make you look younger and fitter, and can even change the shape of your face. Sorat advises that you should have a good hairstylist throughout your life who will keep you looking as young as possible with different colors.


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